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Where Do You Prefer to Hunker Down?

At this moment, millions of people around the world are right in the middle of scary and uncertain times. People have been thrown into the coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic that took everyone by surprise. Puerto Vallarta locals along with ex-pats who reside in Banderas Bay are considering themselves very lucky to be quarantined in such a beautiful area. In other countries, individuals are obeying very strict regulations. In Mexico, safety measures and regulations are being maintained, but a sense of calming remains. During this time, many people are very thankful to live in their dream home in Mexico. Read below to learn why it may be a blessing in disguise being quarantined in Mexico’s paradise. 

Quarantined in Mexico – Is it a Blessing?

There are numerous benefits to staying at home if you want to look on the bright side of things. In Mexico, right now the weather is absolutely perfect. Plus, you can spend needed quality time with your family that you wouldn’t have had the time to do before. You can enjoy outdoor activities in your backyard, start a garden, do house repairs, and just enjoy the fresh air. Local businesses have implemented the recommended health and safety regulations, and many are closed temporarily. Everyone is only supposed to leave home for essential reasons. Modern technology and the internet are allowing many people to work from their homes, and to stay virtually connected to their family and friends, too. However, there are some jobs where people are unable to work from home as they require an in-person presence. These workers are risking their lives, so the world can still move. You should make sure you acknowledge and appreciate these workers, which include trashmen, attendants at the gas station, grocery store cashiers and workers, and more. We are able to enjoy basic items because of their sacrifice. 

The community of Banderas Bay Comes Together

The community of Banderas Bay comes together and we should be proud of them. The Banderas Bay area has been providing essential services, while still following the health and safety regulations to keep residents safe. In just fourteen days, the 1st Center for Respiratory Services was constructed, so patients who are sick with the coronavirus or other respiratory diseases can be treated. Many local restaurants are providing customers with taking out and delivery services. Other local businesses are making and selling much-needed face masks, too. When you support these local businesses, you are helping giving back to the local community. You can also do your part by donating food and clothing at designated places around Banderas Bay. By doing so, you will help those most in need which includes restaurant employees, domestic workers, and hotel staff that are especially affected during this time. 

Villa La Estancia – Beachfront Living

During these uncertain times, many people are thinking over if they really are happy where they currently live. During uncertain times, Banderas Bay provides so much for its residents. If you want to own a second home, a vacation home, or a permanent home in Banderas Bay, then Villa La Estancia that is located in Riviera Nayarit is an excellent option. If you were living at Villa La Estancia, you would be able to enjoy beachfront living and your quarantine would feel like you were on a paradise vacation. Where do you prefer to hunker down? If you would like to hunker down at an exclusive beachfront community, then Villa La Estancia is perfect for you. You can see the beautiful ocean from your private balcony and spend quality time with your loved ones. 

We all think about our priorities when any big changes occur. Where do you prefer to hunker down? Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit provides amazing views and the perfect climate. You can learn more by visiting their website. Give them a call today, and they can give you more information. Before you know it, you could own your own dream home in paradise at Villa La Estancia.

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