Living Cheaply in Mexico

Tips for Living Cheaply in Mexico

If you are thinking about living in Mexico in order to save money or allow your retirement fund to go further, you are in luck. Mexico for expats coming from the USA, Canada or Europe will find the cost of living in Mexico much more affordable. Your dollars will go a lot further. However, there are also some addition things you can do to make sure you are living cheaply in Mexico because, left unchecked, you might find yourself spending more than you should.

Here are some top tips for living cheaply in Mexico…

Shop in the markets

By this, I don’t mean shopping in the cool farmers’ markets that charge San Francisco prices for organic handmade soaps and linseed bread (unless you can afford it). To save money living cheaply in Mexico, shop in the local markets where Mexicans buy their fruit, veggies and other fresh produce.

Use Public Transport

Firstly, importing your car to Mexico can be costly and full of paperwork, while buying a car is expensive in comparison to the price of cars in the USA or Canada. Public transport is usually very regular and very cheap. Failing that, taxis are cheap and Uber has arrived at many destinations in Mexico too.

Party at Happy Hour

When you want to go out and party, look for the special offer coupons and happy hours at different venues. If you plan your week right, you could have cheap cocktails every night while living cheaply in Mexico.

Dine where the locals go

Mexico has some incredible gourmet restaurants where you can stand to spend a fair penny. In the top tourist areas, you will find there are some fabulous restaurants; however, these are not cheap. The best way to save money on dining out is to eat where local Mexicans eat.


Many cities in Mexico have caught onto the idea of the coupons whereby you can purchase discounted meals, massages, theater tickets etc. Make it your business to follow the local offers and save yourself money for living cheaply in Mexico.

Make friends with Mexicans

Not only will making friends with Mexicans increase your enjoyment no end, it will also help you greatly towards living cheaply in Mexico. Your Mexican friends will be able to recommend you a great plumber, electrician, carpenter, seamstress etc, for all of those tasks you need, without paying “gringo” prices. If they can recommend someone they know, you can be sure you won’t be ripped off.

Get Mexican health insurance

Mexican health insurance is affordable and will save you on spending a lot of money on private healthcare bills or repatriation if you are taken sick.

Live Near the Locals for Cheaper Electricity Bills

Few expats living in Mexico are aware that that the neighborhood where you live can affect how much you pay for electricity. The tariffs are decided for each area. Poorer areas pay less per unit than exclusive neighborhoods. So, if you want to pay less for electricity, live where there is a good mix of locals rather than in areas full of foreigners or affluent Mexicans.

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