Surviving the Hottest Months in Puerto Vallarta

Tips for Surviving the Hottest Months in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is known for great beach holidays, but is notoriously famous for its high temperatures and humidity during the summer months. Though its tropical climate means lots of sun all year long, it won’t stop people all over the globe to visit the place, while some have made it their second home. So how to battle those scorching times?

One easy way is to stay at home and keep the air conditioner running at its maximum cool. Have a nice cold soda in hand, watch tv while the walls of your home are freezing cold, courtesy of your ever running air conditioner. Seems like a wise move, but in reality it isn’t. It’s not eco-friendly, besides, it’s expensive. The electricity cost will shoot up to high heavens and a burden come payment time.

Here are tips that would save you a lot as you go against Puerto Vallarta’s heat.

Turn on the Fans

Instead of using an air conditioner, try utilizing the ever reliable electric fans. Keep the air moving in the insides of your house. A portable fan is great too because it uses rechargeable batteries and not connected directly to your plugs. Use it while keeping the air conditioner at its minimum cool. It will have the same cooling effect and will give the needed comfort.

Buy Some Blinds

Go to the stores in Puerto Vallarta and look for suitable shades, blinds and drapes. Install them on your windows where the sun’s rays usually hit. It can block out a considerable amount of heat and will help to keep your house cool. Another way is to minimize the use of your oven when cooking. It’s an indoor heat source that produces hot air circulating in the house. Try cooking on your terrace or in the garden. Also, why not replace incandescent lights with fluorescent ones. The latter can cut a large amount in your electricity consumption without compromising the quality of light.

Plants and Trees

Take time out to put plants or have trees planted around your home. Vegetation will provide shade that can help a lot with the heat and bring a lot of oxygen for you to breath easily come the suffocating hot days. Avoid cement and rock for your displays or garden ornaments. They absorb heat faster and will contribute largely in having a hell-like temperature.

Dress for the Heat

Dress cool and light. Go for lighter colored shirts made up of linen or cotton. They’ll feel comfortable and prevent you from the irritation brought by outside heat. Pampering your body parts with talcum powder and having a moist cloth to wipe your sweaty forehead will refresh you, especially when you’re out exploring Puerto Vallarta’s streets. Stay at the coolest places in town like the restaurants, shopping malls and stores. They provide relief when the sun shines hotly against your disturbed skin.

Aircon Maintenance

Maintenance of your air conditioner is very important. Days will come when you can’t take the heat anymore in Puerto Vallarta and it’s the only recourse you have. Change its filters or have it cleaned by service professionals. This way, it can work at its best with the possibility of cutting off electricity consumption with a well maintained air system. Lastly, be patient, the cooler days of the “ber” months are coming and will make Puerto Vallarta a paradise place again…to stay and dwell.

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