Immigrating to Mexico

Have you Thought about Immigrating to Mexico?

Immigrating to Mexico could be one of the best decisions you make; this is a wonderful country which offers a high standard of life at a lower cost of living than you will find in many cities in the USA and Europe. Retiring to Mexico is very easy due to the relaxed immigration laws which simply require you to have a clean criminal record and the means to support yourself etc. It’s a little more complex to immigrate for work, but still possible, and visas are not difficult to arrange.

Here are some more reasons to think about immigrating to Mexico;

Immigrating to Mexico for a New Start

Those seeking a new beginning will find exactly what they need in Mexico; new customs, a new climate, a new culture, and of course a new language! Spanish is not indispensable here, but if you do learn it you will get more out of life! The ease of immigration, too, plays a big part of may people’s decision to move here.

Mexico is Close to Home

If you have a big, tight-knit family in Canada or the USA, Mexico could be the perfect place to move to; it’s close enough to home to allow for visitations. Immigrating to Mexico doesn’t have to mean you give up your family.

Mexicans are very sociable

Between the warm and friendly locals who love a fiesta (Mexico isn’t known as a party nation for nothing!), and thriving expat communities you are more likely to have a varied and thriving social life here in Mexico.

Work opportunities after officially immigrating to Mexico

Native English speakers will find that there are many job opportunities in Mexico, especially in the hospitality, timeshare, and sales industries, and of course in the field of teaching. You must follow the correct procedures and then everything will start flowing.

Great Cuisine

Foodies will wonder why they left it so long to come to Mexico; the cuisine here is like no other! In fact, it has achieved protection from UNESCO as an intangible heritage! Of course, your hopes of losing weight here may be dashed… but there are plenty of affordable gyms where you can combat the effect of tamales and cerveza after immigrating to Mexico.

Affordable living

Finally, the cost of living here is lower than you might be used to; this means that all those little luxuries are now firmly within reach!

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