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So, You Wanna Move to Mexico?

So, you wanna move to Mexico? If you are thinking about taking the leap, you aren’t the only one. Many people visit Mexico and fall in love with the country’s great climate, delicious cuisine, and rich heritage. It’s a great place to own a second home or vacation home. If you want luxury beachfront real estate, check out Villa La Estancia in Cabo San Lucas and Riviera Nayarit. Villa La Estancia’s luxury beachfront residences are part of hacienda-style hotel-condo concept property where owners enjoy access to resort amenities and services, too. Plus, full and fractional ownership options for qualified homebuyers. Read more below about why more and more people want to move to Mexico.

Quality of Life Improvements

The improvement to the general quality of life is one thing that many ex-pats realize they love about moving to Mexico. For starters, healthcare is more affordable in Mexico which is so important these days. Plus, fresh fruits and vegetables are plentiful and inexpensive, too. Also, it’s easy to make new friends when you move to Mexico. Locals are friendly and there are large ex-pat communities so your social calendar will be full. There is always something fun going on in Mexico regardless of the time of year. In addition, the pleasant climate allows for outdoor activities all year-long such as kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, mountain biking, hiking, and more.

Mexico’s Culture & Heritage

As you probably already know, Mexico has a rich culture & interesting heritage. Many people find the country’s history quite fascinating. There are ancient Mayan ruins to explore, stunning colonial Spanish architecture, world-class museums, contemporary art galleries, and historic cathedrals. Also, regular culture festivals are held across the country that celebrates folklore music and dances, too. There are also numerous holidays that are celebrated on a regular basis, too. In general, Mexico is a happy and fun-loving country where people love to live. If you move to Mexico, you’ll quickly fall in love with the amazing colors and richness of Mexico’s culture and heritage.

Welcoming Locals & Relaxed Vibes

Thirdly, locals are very welcoming to foreigners on vacation and ex-pats that move to Mexico. It feels nice to be around people who are genuinely kind and down to earth. Also, Mexico has incredible natural beauty in its beautiful beaches, sparkling rivers, majestic cenotes, and lush forests, and lush mountains. Also, there are vibrantly painted buildings, eclectic street art, rich and delicious traditional foods, and more. In Riviera Nayarit, the Villa La Estancia property is situated in Banderas Bay with Sierra Madre jungle views. In Cabo, Medano Beach is where the property stands, and homeowners enjoy desert landscapes and stunning Sea of Cortez vistas. Plus, Mexico’s laidback lifestyle is so appealing in today’s hectic times. Wouldn’t you rather be relaxing on the beach sipping a tropical cocktail right now?

Villa La Estancia Beachfront Homes

In Mexico, you can still buy luxury beachfront real estate that doesn’t break the bank. While the expenses of living in the US and Canada have never been higher, the cost of living and Mexican real estate is still affordable. In fact, many people discover that they can afford a much nicer home in Mexico than they could afford elsewhere. If you are trying to decide where to invest in premium beachfront real estate, Villa La Estancia Real Estate is the answer. They have quality beachfront real estate for sale in Cabo San Lucas and Riviera Nayarit. Visit Villa La Estancia’s website today to learn more.

So, do you wanna move to Mexico? As you can see, there are lots of good reasons why to make the move. For a great investment and dream vacation home, visit Villa La Estancia in Los Cabos or Riviera Nayarit. Villa La Estancia homebuyers love the spacious residences, luxurious amenities, and VIP services. Currently, there are only a limited number of residences left for purchase. They also have COVID safety and sanitation practices in place to keep homeowners and resort guests safe. Are you ready to live your best life? If you are, schedule a property tour at Villa La Estancia. Your dream home in Mexico is only waiting for you to arrive home!

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