Real Estate Trends for 2018

Real Estate Trends for 2018 on Banderas Bay

It really doesn’t take a real estate wunderkind to see how well the property markets in Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta are doing right now; after a dip in prices and popularity, this area of Mexico is starting to boom once more, and developers are keen to cash in!

As a result, real estate publications are in full swing, and areas like Nuevo Vallarta and the Romantic Zone (near Los Muertos Beach) are experiencing renovation and new construction. Read on to find out more about Banderas Bay real estate trends in 2018;

Prices beginning to rise

Now really is the time to buy if you’re looking to invest in property in the area; according to AMPI (the official real estate association for Banderas Bay) the average closing price has risen 4% in the last year, and prices are set to rise yet again. This is, of course, positive for current real estate owners, but is a real wake up call for those who are looking to get on the property ladder.

Banderas Bay is trending again

It should really come as no surprise that Banderas Bay is on everyone’s vacation and purchase radar again; this is a stunning area of Mexico which has much to offer in the way of variety, diversity, and great weather. Better yet it is only 3 to 5 hours journey from home for many Americans and Canadians.

The beachfront city of Puerto Vallarta, in particular, has much to recommend it; warm, balmy weather, high quality resorts and homes, great gyms, spas, and activities like golf, watersports, crafts, and nature preserves. This is a city that has something for every kind of person; what more could anyone need?

We hope that this has enlightened you a little when it comes to the real estate trends currently ongoing in Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta.

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