Notaries in Mexico

Notaries in Mexico

In Mexico, the office of a Notary Public has more responsibilities legally than the United States Notary Public, and this legal responsibility should never be confused with the United States counterpart. For example, in the United States just about anyone who wishes and carries out the right training can become a Notary Public, but in Mexico this role is only granted to attorneys who have extensive experience and the state’s Governor must assess and appoint the Notary Public.

Notaries in Mexico

The Notaries in Mexico has power as they can witness and certify all civil documents, business documents that require authenticity. The Notaries in Mexico also has the responsibility to secure storage of all original legal documents and records and the management of these documents. All Notaries in Mexico must be thirty-five years old, a citizen, have a law degree, and have three years Notary Public office experience. They also must pass an exam that is stringent. Those individuals who successfully qualify and pass the exam are in time appointed by the office of the state Governor as a Notary Public.

Notaries for real estate

Many real estate buyers will hire attorneys to look over and oversee their real estate transaction in Mexico, but the Notary Public is the only one with the actual legal power to process the papers and to make sure that the title is legal, then passed to the buyer from the seller of the property. You can easily avoid attorney fees, unless you see that there are complications, then you should consult with an attorney about the transaction, or some buyers only feel comfortable when they hire an attorney.

The most important official when buying property

The Notary Public is the most important and valuable legal person that you will deal with when you purchase real estate as an investment in Mexico, even if you have hired an attorney. Currently, under the Mexican Law, the property deed must always be prepared, then processed by a Notary Public. It is your legal right as the buyer to select the Notary Public, and your first call should be to the Notary Public after you have agreed to the amount of the real estate property. The Notary Public will make sure that all the documents and permits are correct and in order, so that the real estate transaction can proceed, and doing this will ensure that the property title has been transferred successfully. The Notary Public will also let you know if there are any legal issues or liabilities that may arise with your real estate purchase.


Many buyers will be referred to the Notary Public that the real estate agency has used in the past. A trustworthy and well-established real estate agent will always have a good working relationships with many legal professionals in their region, and throughout the Notaries in Mexico community. If the real estate agent has not recommended a Notary Public, then you can ask local friends or family members, but looking on the directory is recommended, which is Collegiate Website for Notary Publics in Mexico. If you are currently a buyer in a real estate transaction, then it is your choice on which Notary Public that you select. It is recommended that you select a Notary Public that does not have any of the seller’s influence when you select your Notary Public.

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