Moving to Mexico Tips

Moving to Mexico Tips

Whether you are moving to Mexico for retirement or to start a new lifestyle, there are several important things to consider. This checklist of tips on moving to Mexico should help you plan for the big move.

Ensure Travel and Immigration Documents Are Valid

To start with, you and each member of your family needs to have proper travel documentation to enter Mexico. Valid Passports must be presented at time of travel, and you will also need to apply for the appropriate Visa when moving to Mexico. If possible, you should submit the application for a resident Visa like an FM-2 or FM-3 Visa ahead of time if you are moving to Mexico. An immigration lawyer can guide you through the immigration process for a fee. Also, make sure all flights and travel arrangements are purchased ahead of time so that moving to Mexico will be as smooth as possible.

Update Your Passport and Driver’s License

Make sure your Passport is valid for at least one year when you apply for a Mexican resident Visa when moving to Mexico. If needed, renew your Passport for another term before you submit your Mexican resident Visa application to the Mexican consulate. It may also make sense to renew your home country Driver’s License before you leave as well. Mexico does not require you to have a Mexican Driver’s License to legally drive when moving to Mexico so you can drive with your valid driver’s license from your home country. Later, you can also apply for a Mexican driver’s license. You will need to pass a written test, and you may possibly have to pass a driving test as well and pay the applicable driver’s license fees.

Rules For Bringing Pets Into Mexico

Are you planning on bringing your pets with you when moving to Mexico? Cats and dogs can be brought into Mexico, but they must have the required vaccinations and a valid Health Certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian. Vaccinations against rabies and distemper are required to be administered at least 15 days before moving to Mexico. As of right now, only cats and dogs can be brought into Mexico under these terms. Other animals such as rabbits, snakes, birds, etc, require special import permits and additional fees.

Decide What to Bring and What to Leave

Make a checklist of what items you want to take with you when you are moving to Mexico, and also think about what you can leave behind. A garage sale or donating items may help you declutter and focus on what essentials you truly want to bring with you when moving to Mexico. Some food items, clothing or home furnishings may be harder to find in Mexico, but in general, you will have access to everything you need when moving to Mexico.

Book Temporary Lodging in Mexico

Regardless of what time of year you are moving to Mexico, make sure to book lodging arrangements well in advance. During high season, accommodation can come with steeper prices and less availability so plan ahead. A hotel or Airbnb where you can secure a month to month rental is ideal. That way, you will have the chance to get to know the area before you commit to a long term lease or even a Mexican real estate purchase. There are lots of high quality Mexican real estate properties available in Mexico at significantly reduced prices that you would pay in the States or Canada. Once settled in Mexico, you should consider purchasing a full ownership or fractional ownership Mexican real estate property as quality Mexican real estate at a great price is one of the most popular reasons why expats end up moving to Mexico.

If you are moving to Mexico, definitely plan ahead and ensure your Passport and travel documents are in order. If taking pets, their vaccinations need to be up to date and a valid health certificate is required. Finally, make sure all your travel arrangements and accommodations are booked ahead of time so that moving to Mexico will be an enjoyable and exciting time for your whole family.

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