Moving to Mexico? 2020 Expat Tips

Are you an ex-pat that is planning on moving to Mexico? If you are, then you are sure to be intrigued by Mexico’s rich history, friendly locals, and excellent climate. However, there is so much more to Mexico than just its incredible cuisine and breathtaking beaches. If you want to live your best life when moving to Mexico, be prepared to make some changes that will assist in your transition. It is very important to adapt yourself to fit in with your local community Are you moving to Mexico to live your dream ex-pat life in paradise? If you are, keep reading below. We have included 2020 ex-pat tips for individuals moving to Mexico. Get ready to create your best life, in your new home! 


Adjust Expectations

As with any move to a new country, many ex-pats moving to Mexico will encounter differences that may create challenges for them. However, in order to overcome potential obstacles, keep your expectations in check and you can easily adapt to your new home. Keep an open mind and be accepting of others and how they live in Mexico.  For example, in Mexico, people seemingly invade other people’s personal space in public, but it is just part of the culture. Do not let yourself become offended if this happens to you. Instead, understand and accept this as this is part of life in your new home. As an ex-pat moving to Mexico, understand that they are not being rude to you, and it is part of the normal way of life. Also, be ready to give and receive hugs and cheek kisses when you meet and greet people.  People in Mexico typically greet one another with a friendly hug and a kiss whether they are old friends or meeting someone for the first time. 


Be Patient and Kind

Being patient and kind is another great 2020 ex-pat tip for those moving to Mexico. You should always greet people warmly that you encounter, and be friendly and open to new experiences. If you want to successfully integrate yourself into your new community, make the effort to get to know your neighbors personally. Also, you should try to learn to speak at least basic Spanish. However, if you least some Spanish, you will have a much more fulfilling experience in your daily life. Your new life in Mexico will be enriched if you can speak Spanish with the locals, and there are lots of affordable Spanish classes available. One important word that you should learn first is “Usted”, which is how you formally address someone when you meet them for the first time. 


Tip Others Who Help You

Did you know that many Mexicans earn a humble living by selling their handmade items at the beach, selling fresh fruits and vegetables, or washing windshields of cars? Expats should be grateful for what they have, and sharing with others is very important. If you can afford it, try to tip others as much as possible as it could make a big difference in their lives. The people that bag groceries at grocery stores often don’t receive a regular paycheck and tips are their only income. You should tip them when you buy groceries, and also tip someone if they help you put your groceries in your car or takes your shopping cart back for you. 


Avoid Speaking Loudly in Public

It can be very annoying to hear American visitors or ex-pats speaking English excessively loud when out in public.  It is important to remember that you are a guest lucky enough to live in Mexico. Therefore, show respect for others and tone the volume down when you are out in public. Also, it should go without saying that you should never make fun of others who aren’t able to speak English. Instead, you should appreciate your new life when moving to Mexico, and try to learn Spanish yourself.


Prepare for Public Restrooms

It may come as a shock to some ex-pats that many public restrooms or bathrooms at restaurants and bars don’t always have toilet paper and soap available. To resolve this dilemma, many people carry soap or hand sanitizer and toilet paper with them. That way,  if you need to use the restroom you will have no issues. Lastly, many businesses and homes in Mexico do not have A/C or central heating, so the temperature inside will be similar to the temperature outside. Just dress accordingly to the weather and be prepared to add or remove layers of clothing as needed. 


When moving to Mexico, it is best to go with the flow. We hope you enjoyed our 2020 ex-pat tips for individuals moving to Mexico. 

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