Hurricane Patricia the strongest in the history

Mexico’s Hurricane Season

Mexico’s hurricane season usually occurs during the summer months when the temperatures will reach their highest in the northern hemisphere. Mexico has been affected by some of the most powerful hurricanes although very infrequently. These forceful storms are born over the ocean waters, then slowly they start to gain strength, then some of them will make an appearance on land, and this usually occurs on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, Yucatan Peninsula, and the Gulf of Mexico shores.

What is a Hurricane?

A hurricane is a natural phenomenon that is very unpredictable. A hurricane’s proper term and name is a Tropical Cyclone due to the fact that a hurricane is a cyclone of powerful sustained wind speeds of at least 74 miles per hour, rising to over 300 miles per hour, which is very intense. Once the tropical storm starts to move across the sea, it starts gaining energy, power, and force, which will evaporate once the tropical storm passes over the land. Hurricanes are known to cause devastating damage to homes, structures, and property on the coastline where the hurricane first arrives on the land, then as it starts heading inland the hurricane will dump inches and inches of drenching rains.

Hurricane Patricia the strongest in the history
Hurricane Patricia 2015 – Image From

Mexico’s Hurricane Season

Mexico’s hurricane season can arrive at any time from the latter of spring to the latter of autumn. In the most recent years, hurricanes began appearing in the latter months of summer and early months of autumn. It is nearly impossible to actually predict when a hurricane will appear, how often hurricanes will come in Mexico’s hurricane season, and how powerful the hurricane may be or how many will hit land. Hurricane and tropical storms are most popular between July thru October in Mexico as these are the hottest months of the year. September and October months are the most active hurricane months in Mexico. From November and on the hurricane storms are rare as these months are cooler.

How do hurricanes affect Mexico’s top destinations

Thankfully, with weather monitoring systems and communication having become much more sophisticated, and the construction of modern buildings meeting hurricane safety standards, the risk to human life has decreased greatly in recent years in the event of a hurricane. Nevertheless, the strongest hurricanes still tend to cause extensive widespread damage to properties and bring about disruption to power supplies, communication systems, and transport systems.

How to prepare for a hurricane

Hurricane affected areas where people live and work are accustomed to the hurricane activities and they know the procedure to be prepared for them. Homes and hotels that have been built in the last few years in Mexico are built and designed to withstand earthquakes, storms, and hurricanes, but unfortunately, none are totally immune to the forces of nature, and thankfully the construction methods that are being used with the modern structures have lowered the risks significantly.

Insurance against hurricanes

Along Mexico’s coasts, homeowners can insure themselves against loss and physical damage when they live in storm areas. Residents and visitors can prepare themselves and even evacuate if needed with the fore-warning systems that is provided in Mexico. Be sure to check your insurance policy.

Historic Hurricanes in Mexico

A few of the most historic hurricanes in Mexico in the past years include:

Hurricane Wilma:
Wilma struck the Yucatan Peninsula in 2005. There was widespread damage to Cancun and environs, although the number of casualties was low.
Hurricane Patricia:
Patricia hit the Pacific Coast in Mexico in October of 2015. Meteorologists described Patricia as ‘the strongest storm ever’ but it caused relatively little damage in comparison to predictions as the storm’s power decreased rapidly upon landfall owing to the mountain range that protects the Pacific Coast.
Hurricane Kenna:
Kenna hit the Pacific Coast in 2002 and caused major flooding to the Banderas Bay. There was four deaths and widespread damages when Patricia hit the San Blas area.

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