Medical Evacuation Insurance

Medical Evacuation Insurance

Planning for medical healthcare insurance coverage for Mexico is something you may have done for a short trip or you may have thought about purchasing a private healthcare insurance policy in Mexico if you are planning to live there part or full-time, but have you considered purchasing expats medical evacuation insurance? Maybe, you should… Read on to find out more.

Expats Medical Evacuation Insurance

Expats medical evacuation insurance is probably not something that came to your mind immediately, but if there was a critical medical circumstance with your or a family member, then the expats medical evacuation insurance would give you the support that you need during this trying time. If you have expats medical evacuation insurance, then you will have the option of being flown back home to receive the healthcare that you need and want, according to your home health insurance company coverage.

Medical Evacuation Insurance Facts

It may not come to your mind instantly, but medical evacuation insurance will provide the necessary support during a very difficult situation if you or your family member has been involved in a medical emergency. If you have medical evacuation insurance and there is a medical emergency, then you can choose to be sent back to your own country and city to get the best health care with your insurance coverage back at your home.

Mexico Travel Insurance

If you are planning a short term visit to Mexico, then you may have a travel insurance coverage that you purchased in your own country that will provide you with health care coverage for a limited time period, but this usually doesn’t exceed past 60 – 90 days. The travel insurance coverage could vary and it will probably cover some medical coverage for returning you home, but there may be provisions on which the coverage will pay and there may be certain circumstances on what the repatriation coverage will be determined by the travel insurance company.

Healthcare Insurance Coverages

Short term travel insurance policies will not cover you if you plan on coming to Mexico for a longer period of time such as being on a studying program, a volunteer project, or just an extended stay. The local healthcare insurance policies are only good for healthcare coverage for that country that you are in. These insurance policies do not cover any repatriation costs for your medical.

Medical Evacuation Insurance Benefits

Medical evacuation insurance comes with many benefits. Medical repatriation out of pocket costs are very expensive, and unfortunately most people would find these costs financially out of reach. If you are planning to visit Mexico for a short term or a defined period of time, then your health insurance policy may cover you while you are in Mexico, but it may not cover any repatriation costs. The commercial airlines will not fly you back to your home country if your medical condition is critical.

Your private healthcare policy in Mexico or even IMSS (the national health service in Mexico) could provide you with the proper healthcare coverage while you are in Mexico for a longer period of time, but if you become seriously ill or even injured, then having medical evacuation insurance is an additional perk because you will be able to return home once you are stable to see your own doctors, hospitals, and be close to your family members that can assist you. The common healthcare insurance policies that is for your medical needs will not pay for you to return home from Mexico.

Medical repatriation isn’t just a return flight to your country from Mexico. It will also provide you with specially trained medical transporters, accredited medical professionals, and information between doctors, hospitals, government agencies, and airports to your family members throughout the repatriation process. It may surprise you, but medical evacuation insurance plans are affordable, and if you stop and think about the support network that you will receive if there happens to be a serious medical emergency with you or your family member, then it is well worth the cost, and you will also get to go back to your own home country.

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