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Expat Advice: Move to Mexico (2020)

Are you a foreigner that would like to relocate to Mexico? Did you know that a perfect place to retire is found in Mexico? You can purchase a luxurious beach home at an affordable price in Riviera Nayarit at Villa La Estancia, especially when you compare the same type of properties to homes in other countries. Would you like to retire and move to Mexico? If you do, then you should read below to learn the top five reasons expats move to Mexico.}


Expat Life in Mexico – Quality of Life Is Better

One of the top reasons expats move to Mexico is to enjoy an improved quality of life. Did you know that the cost of living in Mexico is drastically lower than in most other countries? The cost of housing, groceries, and utilities are increasing worldwide while incomes are dropping. As a result, many people that retire can’t make ends meet with their retirement income. However, there is a solution to this problem. You can move to Mexico, so your quality of life is better, and you will spend less money on day to day needs. In Mexico, housing is better priced and organic and fresh foods are very affordable, too. 


Expat Life in Mexico – Rich Culture and Welcoming Locals

Another top reason expats move to Mexico is because of the rich culture and heritage. Also, locals and very friendly and welcoming to foreigners who move to Mexico or visit the area. Locals are very welcoming to expats, and expats are very happy with the kindness they receive. Also, you can’t beat the rich culture and heritage in Mexico. You and your family can attend a variety of different cultural events in Mexico all year long, which include the Independence Day event in September and the Day of the Day event in November. You will never get bored with all the exciting things you can do in Mexico. 


Expat Life in Mexico – Luxurious Real Estate You Can Afford

Another very popular reason that expats move to Mexico is to purchase luxurious real estate that they can afford. For example, expat homeowners can have their very own beach house at Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit. The beachfront properties with Villa La Estancia have been built to last, and it is located in an exclusive community that is known as Nuevo Vallarta. Villa La Estancia provides a new concept that blends hotel and condo living, so every homeowner will also have access to the best resort amenities and services. Don’t you want your second home to feel like you are on vacation in Mexico? You can have that at Villa La Estancia. In addition, maintenance costs and property taxes are affordable. Expats that have purchased a second home in Mexico at Villa La Estancia agree that it was the best investment they could have made.

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Expat Life in Mexico  – Excellent Climate

The climate is great throughout the year in Mexico, which is why many expats move here. You and your family can enjoy numerous outdoor activities all year long. Popular outdoor activities include going surfing, kayaking, bike riding, snorkeling, scuba exploring, and more. If you purchase a beachfront residence at Villa La Estancia, you can get up in the morning and go swimming in the ocean. You can also enjoy the multiple pools, spa, and restaurants that are on the property, too. 


Expat Life in Mexico – Healthcare is Affordable

The last reason that expats move to Mexico is due to the fact that healthcare in Mexico is affordable. Doctor visits, surgeries, and prescriptions are much cheaper in Mexico than in other countries. A doctor visit will only cost you between $30 to $50 out of pocket. You can also purchase quality and affordable health insurance, too. The medical system in the United States is very expensive, which is why many expats come to Mexico for their healthcare needs. 


It is easy to understand why many expats move to Mexico. Remember, Villa La Estancia is perfect for expats who want to buy a dream home in Mexico. Villa La Estancia has luxurious beachfront residences for sale in Cabo San Lucas and Riviera Nayarit. Why wait? You can start living the expat life you have dreamed of now. Do you want to move to Mexico in 2020?

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