Tap Water in Mexico

Drinking the Tap Water in Mexico?

Water is a great resource in Mexico which can be available both through the tap or by the bottle. Locals might have differing statements whether their tap water is potable or not. The accurate response would depend on the location of the tap water. Some tap water may be safe for drinking while others may not be ideal even for bathing.

Public water systems

Most cities and towns in Mexico have good public water systems. Local residents are mostly satisfied with their tap water as their main source of drinking water. It is still important to remember that not all place has a safe and potable water which is why taking bottled or filtered water with you as you explore this country is essential.

How does water arrive

There are three water delivery systems in Mexico through which homes may have access to clean drinking water. These are through the mains-feed, a communal feed from the local water springs, or a combination of local water delivery by truck and rain collection. The mains-feed provide water to most urban towns and cities, while those on the outskirts of the cities receive water through the communally-run system. Other practical owners would collect rainwater during the rainy months and combine this with water deliveries from trucks. There are also home where owners have put up their own filtration systems and the water is dispensed separately.

Bottled water

If your place of residence does not have this system, there are plenty of sources to get bottled water. Most of these waters range in sizes from hand-sized bottles to 20-liter containers or “Garrafon” in Mexico. You can buy these bottled waters from street traders, supermarkets, local convenience stores, pharmacies, and even water delivery companies. These water delivery companies sell bottled waters in 20-liter containers and provide potable waters to factories, offices, and homes.

Water provision in hotels

All hotels offer purified water in at least a bottle per customer. Customer services can provide extra bottles for each day without extra charge. If you are living in a large hotel or some upscale smaller hotels, most of these have their own purification systems installed at their properties. Dining in a restaurant can provide you with a complimentary glass of water which may come from a bottle or a filtration system or they may simply offer you a bottled water.

If you have your own property in Mexico, it is ideal to have a three-way filter system in your residential are for a steady supply of drinking water. If not, you can easily purchase those large 20-liter garrafones which most Mexicans are doing.

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