Baby Boomers and Real Estate in Mexico

Do you Dream of Becoming an Expat in Mexico?

Canadians and Americans are making the choice to retire in Mexico more today than ever before. There are many reasons why Canadians and Americans are choosing to retire in Mexico other than retiring in their own country, and some reasons include quality and affordable healthcare, wonderful weather, relaxing lifestyle, and the cost of living is typically lower. Do you dream of becoming an expat in Mexico? If you do, then continue to read below.


Beautiful Vacation Year-Round

As an expat in Mexico, there are so many different things that foreigners look for when they are ready to start their retirement. Mexico is well-known for its beautiful and breathtaking beaches and it has long been a very popular destination for vacations, but did you know that you can have a beautiful vacation year-round because the weather is always sunny and warm?  Retiring as an expat in Mexico will have you living in paradise where you can create new memories with your family and friends. Mexico is fairly close to your loved ones can visit you often as traveling from the states to Mexico is quick and affordable. Deals can be found on flights when you purchase tickets in advance. When you retire in as an expat in Mexico, you will think you are dreaming while sipping on drinks, watching sunsets, and relaxing on the beach daily. What could beat that lifestyle?


Cost of Living is Much Lower

The retirement website ( claims that for a couple to retire in Mexico it would require approximately $2,175 USD each month to lead a comfortable life. The $2,175 USD estimate is for paying for rent, buying food, water, and electric utilities, healthcare, and even paying for a gardener and a housekeeper too. The average monthly American retirement wage is approximately $1,369 USD per person based on the Social Security Administration. A retired expat in Mexico would have plenty of money to live on very comfortable with that wage. In the United States, the healthcare crisis and exorbitant out of pocket costs is another major reason people are leaving the country to retire as an expat in Mexico.


Private & Public Healthcare

An expat in Mexico will have access to private doctors and hospitals at a fair price, as well as the public system that is available to all residents for free. To go to a private doctor, an expat in Mexico would only have to pay approximately $500-$700 pesos, which is $30-$40 dollars. The peso is currently at an all-time low. Prescription medication is also more affordable in Mexico. For example, a specific prescription medicine that costs approximately $175 pesos in Mexico, which would be around $10 dollars, in the USA without any insurance the cost for the same exact medicine would be approximately $125 dollars, which is very expensive. Now, it is easy to see why many people are choosing Mexico for their retirement destination.


Rich Heritage and Amazing Food

There is much more to Mexico than just saving on healthcare and housing. Mexico has a rich heritage and amazing food choices that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. For example, the locals are so friendly that they often welcome an expat to dine with them, and you can expect to eat the best tacos ever. If you prefer high-end dining and shopping, then you can find that, too. When you want to splurge there are many upscale options available. There are affordable options too, but when you are wanting something a bit fancier than you can find it in Mexico.


Luxury Real Estate at Villa La Estancia

One huge draw to expats moving to Mexico is the opportunity to own luxurious beachfront real estate such as Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit. With multiple services and high-end amenities, Villa La Estancia offers oceanfront and beachfront private residences that are the stuff dreams are made of. The award-winning Villa La Estancia in found in the charming state of Riviera Nayarit, about 30 minutes north of the popular resort town Puerto Vallarta. Villa La Estancia is off the beaten path a bit so you can have an ideal luxury beachfront real estate investment for expats that want more privacy. Regardless of whether you choose to live full time or enjoy have a comfortable beautiful vacation home, Villa La Estancia was developed using only the highest quality construction materials and high-end finishes. Visit Villa La Estancia’s website today at for more details on the luxury beachfront residences available. Villa La Estancia could be your new luxury beachfront dream home!


In conclusion, when you are planning your retirement future you should consider becoming an expat in Mexico. It is a smart choice for financial reasons, and you can enjoy the excitement and adventure that occurs when you move to a new country. Mexico offers affordable healthcare, delicious foods, a rich culture, and a lower cost of living. Do you see yourself being an expat in Mexico when you retire? Do you dream of becoming an expat in Mexico? If you do, then now is the time to start planning for your retirement.

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