Best Advice when Decorating in the Tropics

Best Advice when Decorating in the Tropics

Are you a first time property buyer in Puerto Vallarta? If you are, then you don’t want to make that same mistake that many first time buyers make when it comes to furnishing their property. Unfortunately, they make the same mistakes over and over again. Many buyers come from cold, dry weather conditions, but you have to remember that Puerto Vallarta is not cold and dry. Puerto Vallarta is the opposite. We have a rainy season that starts in the middle of June, and it will continue until October. While it is rainy, we also have to deal with hot, humid conditions, which makes having maintenance performed on the property a must.

Our population has been growing fast due to the vacationers and baby boomers looking to purchase their first vacation home. With the growing population it has created a big demand for furnishings, and many of the furniture stores in Guadalajara have opened additional stores just to meet the demands. Some of the stores that have been opened are located in the Bay of Banderas, which offers a huge variety of décor items, which will meet all styles. When it comes to decorating in Puerto Vallarta you will want to know a few tips, which include.

Best Advice for Decorating in the Tropics

  1. DIY
  2. If you have plenty of time and want to save money, then Do It Yourself is a good option when decorating in the tropics. You will need to dedicate quite a bit of time to this effort, and you will see what Puerto Vallarta has to offer in home décor shopping. While you are out shopping, then go on a ride to the beautiful Guadalajara where the shopping choices are endless. Outside of Guadalajara is Tonala, which is an excellent way to purchase furnishings straight from the person who makes the item. If you are new to decorating, you should do plenty of research first and take extra special heed of points 4 through 5 which are common mistakes when decorating in the tropics.

  3. Consult with an Interior Decorator:
  4. Even if you are opting to DIY, it might be a good idea to consult with an interior decorator. There are many things you need to consider when decorating in the tropics that you might otherwise overlook. When choosing an interior decorator, it is always best to follow someone’s recommendation, especially if you like the work that you have seem. Otherwise, allow yourself time to compare prices, references, and their level of professionalism. Having a good relationship with an interior decorator is essential. If you clash personality wise, look for someone else. Don’t be alarmed when you start the interview process and you have to check references, because the decorators are used to this. Let each interior decorator know you won’t go over your budget, and to negotiate.

  5. Rental Homes and Units:
  6. You must take precaution when decorating in the tropics if you plan on renting your home or unit. This is where having a professional interior decorator is vital, because they will be able to choose the appropriate drapes, upholstery, fabrics, and linens for your property that is durable. The fabrics must be able to be durable and handle children, sun, dampness, and humidity. Remember that your renters are not likely to take as good care of your home as you do, so keep your costs to a minimum.

  7. Using Wooden Furniture:
  8. Everyone loves the look of tropical wood furnishings, especially termites. If you choose tropical wood furnishings, then make sure you schedule preventative maintenance for termites or choose durable tropical wood.

  9. Plastic Furniture:
  10. Modern properties are turning towards plastic furniture as their furnishings. This is a great in cooler climates but plastic has to have extra care. They can’t be put in the sun, because they will start to melt, then they put off an awful scent too.

  11. One step at a time:
  12. Remember that you don’t have to furnish your property in Puerto Vallarta all at once. Use less furniture to start, then when you are in Puerto Vallarta using your new property you can pick up a piece here and there, add color, and you will have a beautiful property. You can also get decorating inspiration from new friends and their homes.

Please add your own advice for decorating in the tropics in the comments box. What have been your experiences?

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