10 Reasons to Live in Mexico

Mexico is a huge and eclectic country which is too often overlooked as a place in which to lay down roots. Whether you feel that the seeds have already been planted, or the idea to make a move is still fresh we have some pointers as to why deciding to live in Mexico is a fantastic idea!

10 Reasons to Live in Mexico

The People in Mexico

If we had but three words to describe the people of Mexico we would choose these; kind, curious, and welcoming. The locals will take the time to talk with you, and ask you about your experiences with genuine interest; they will likely share their own with you, too. If you take the time to interact with your new neighbors you are sure to make fast friends quickly. You could not wish for a more welcoming nation to immigrate to!

The Colors in Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful country in terms of landscape and architecture, but this is not all! This is a nation with a seriously bright palette; the food, the textiles, the street art, and even the homes are all colorful and vibrant.

The Climate in Mexico

The beauty of Mexico is thrown into sharp relief by the wonderful climate that this nation enjoys! The huge landmass means that Mexico can cater to all; if you prefer a cool, mountain climate you will find it here. If you flourish in tropical climes, you can have that when you live in Mexico.

The Lower Cost of Living in Mexico

If you’re moving from the USA, Canada, or Europe you will no doubt notice that the cost of living is much less when you live in Mexico; you will find that you spend a fraction of what you would have at home. Furthermore, life’s little luxuries are within reach. When you move here you can worry less and enjoy more of life.

The Cuisine in Mexico

Mexican food varies from state to state as each region has their own way of doing things, nonetheless, the cuisine is consistently delicious. Classic flavors are tomato, chili, corn, lime, onion, and cilantro. You will find mouthwatering seafood at the coast, fresh fruits all over, and a dizzying array of tacos everywhere you go!

The Landscapes

The vastness of this land and the variable nature of its geography mean that there are stunning landscapes of all persuasions to be enjoyed no matter where you go! There are volcanoes, tropical bays, tiny mountain towns, big beachfront cities, mountainous jungles, and urban cityscapes all here for the taking.

Mexico’s Natural wonders

Mexico has a wealth of natural resources at its disposal; the biological diversity here is something to be treasured, truly. Almost 30,000 species of flowering plants can be found here along with 1,500 types of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Here you can see the grandeur of the Pink Flamingo, and the delicate beauty of the Monarch Butterfly.

Mexico’s Celebrations

This is a party culture which values sociability and festivity; a plethora of banks holidays are in place to celebrate national and religious holidays. As such, there is plenty of joy to be found here all year. Join the celebrations and move to Mexico!

The History of Mexico

The history of Mexico is long and varied; from the Olmecs and Maya to the Spanish Conquest, the revolution, and modern-day political issues students of the humanities will not be bored. There are many museums and galleries across this great nation, and many tell the story of the local area.

A Sense of Fun

Mexico has one thing, above all, which we feel makes it stand out in today’s world; a sense of fun, freedom, and wonder which is truly contagious. Perhaps this is brought on by all of the above; the endless opportunities to see and experience new things, and the companionship of a generous and beautiful people.

So… do you need any more convincing to live in Mexico?

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