Villa La Estancia Fractional Real Estate

Villa La Estancia Fractional Real Estate

Villa La Estancia fractional real estate is a simple concept. Villa La Estancia Residences bring parties together that would not otherwise be related to co-own a second home, which is what many people have been doing for decades joining up with friends and family members to purchase real estate. Villa La Estancia fractional real estate ownership provides people looking to buy a second home in Mexico a property that is shared ownership with other partner owners. Fractions of ⅛ or ¼ shares are divided per year, for a lifetime and available in Cabo San Lucas and the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico.

Fraction of the cost of full real estate

As with any property that you purchase, you will receive the same amenities, lifestyle, privileges, and beauty as if you purchased the residence outright, but the cost is only a fraction. Fractional ownership is ideal for an investment, vacationers, locals who are seasonal, snowbirds, and travelers. The flexibility with the fractional ownership allows you to purchase only the time that you will spend at the residence, and as much time as you want.

How Does the Villa La Estancia Fractional Real Estate Schedule Work?

Villa La Estancia fractional real estate owners will be given the usage schedule once they have purchased the residence, then the usage schedule will rotate a year later, and so on. This will give buyers the ability to plan their visits to the residence in advance. Fractional real estate owners can use their schedule usage or exchange their date with another owner, but only if the other owner agrees. Owners can also exchange their schedule usage with other resorts using the Villa La Estancia Fractional Trade Program.

Cost Effective and Affordable

Fractional ownership is cost effective and affordable option for buyers who want to balance vacation time in their second home and secure their investment in property in Mexico. You will only pay for the time that you want to spend at the residence, which is cost effective, because you will not be paying for a second home that just sits empty when you are not using it. The residence is affordable and may be more luxurious than if you were to purchase a second home alone.

Real Estate with Rights

The Villa La Estancia fractional real estate provides you with regular rights and privileges that you would have with owning any other type of real estate. You have the ability to sell the residence at any price and time that you choose. You also can leave the residence to an heir, rent it out, and let your friends use it, or get your friends and family together and escape and enjoy the residence.

Fractional Real Estate is an Excellent Opportunity and Investment

The fractional real estate is an excellent opportunity and investment, so if the residence raises in value, then your shares raise. Fractional owners can at any time sell the residence, which will release you from the “brick and mortar” investment and capital growth with Villa La Estancia fractional real estate.

Rental Property

Villa La Estancia fractional real estate can be rented, and we can do this for you upon your request. Renting the residence when you are not going to be using it will generate extra income that you can use towards your maintenance fees or taxes, or you can use the money to purchase something nice for yourself. That is an added bonus to being a Villa La Estancia fractional real estate owner.

Villa La Estancia fractional real estate is available in the Riviera Nayarit on Mexico’s Pacific Coast and Cabo San Lucas in Mexico’s Baja California.

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