Mexico’s Feathered Foreign Residents

Top 7 Move to Mexico Tips

Mexico’s beautiful weather, amazing natural beauty, and varied tasty cuisine are just a few examples of what attracts millions of visitors each year. Many vacationers enjoy Mexico so much that they end up wanting to relocate full time to Mexico, or buy a vacation home or second home. Are you one of the individuals that want to move to Mexico? If you are, then you will want to make sure you continue to read our top 7 moves to Mexico tips. In the market for Mexican real estate at the beach? Consider Villa La Estancia where you can live your luxury lifestyle in either Riviera Nayarit or Cabo San Lucas. They have full and fractional ownership options available as well to suit everyone’s budget. Keep reading below to learn that with a bit of patience and understanding, your new life in Mexico will be outstanding.

  1. Take a Spanish Course
  2. Some foreigners that move to Mexico decide they don’t need to learn to speak Spanish, and that is okay, but it is recommended that you should try to learn the basics. You will have so many more opportunities when you can understand and speak Spanish in your daily life. Communication with people develops a sort of community, which basically means if you learn the language in Mexico, you will be able to understand the local people and their heritage even better. Another reason you should take a Spanish course is you will be able to find better jobs that you wouldn’t have before in case you plan to work in Mexico.

  3. A Proper Greeting Is Important
  4. A proper greeting is very important for those expats who want to move to Mexico. You will want to learn the proper greeting before you arrive in Mexico. A proper greeting in Mexico usually starts off with a handshake, a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Depending on the time of day it is, you should start all of your interactions such as: ‘Buenos Dias’, means good morning, ‘Buenas tardes’ means good afternoon, and ‘Buenas noches’, good evening. When you enter a room, it is expected that you greet every person in the room before you settle in. It is also expected that you say ‘Provecho’ which means Bon Appetit when you are departing from a restaurant. Saying this will show fellow diners that you hope that they enjoy their meal that they are about to eat.

  5. Accepting Lateness and Having Patience
  6. Mexicans are known for being laid back and carefree when it comes to being on time. This is probably one of the best and worst things for expats to adjust to when they move to Mexico. You will need to be prepared to have patience when you are waiting on people, because they may show up late. Not every Mexican likes to be late, but it is accepted socially and you should avoid getting upset over it. If you are not positive about the time, then you should ask, because you don’t want to show up to a party on time and learn that the host of the party isn’t even ready to greet their guests. A good rule you can go by in Mexico is showing up a half-hour to one hour late instead of showing up on time at social events and parties. Just another part of the culture and social customs that expats should learn when they move to Mexico.

  7. Being Direct is Considered Rude in Mexico
  8. It is common for most Americans to be direct and forward, but many Mexicans think it is very rude to be direct. For example, if someone offers you food and you’re just not hungry and you decline, Mexicans find this to be quite rude. To avoid this social faux pas, you should accept the food that you are offered, even if you’re not hungry, then discreetly dispose of it later. It may also surprise you that some Mexicans who agree to do something, then they don’t do it, but they don’t think this is rude. If you are having a party and friends have accepted the invitation, but they don’t come, don’t be surprised, because this is also very common and considered normal in Mexico.

  9. Don’t Judge People in Mexico
  10. When you move to Mexico, you will see many lifestyle differences when compared with your life back home in Canada or the USA. Some problems that bother foreigners in Mexico are usually related to trash and litter problems, and the numerous stray cats and dogs. People that are from countries that are more developed don’t understand that concern for the environment and animal welfare is somewhat of a luxury in Mexico. Many Mexicans truly cannot afford to worry about these issues. While there are many Mexicans who are aware and concerned about these social and environmental problems, many people just don’t have the money to do anything about it. Imagine if you have a hard time just feeding your family and providing a home? You need to understand and do your part while empathizing with others and avoid being judgemental.

  11. Affordable and Delicious Foods
  12. When you move to Mexico, you will get to enjoy one of the best features, which is the affordable and delicious Mexican food. You can even get safe and delicious foods from the street vendors, so don’t believe the myths that their food will make you sick. The best foods in Mexico are often found at local cafés, restaurants, and street vendors, and usually, the food is extra fresh due to the large turnover. If you are wondering where the best taco restaurant or street vendor is, then look for one that is packed. That’s the best sign. The restaurants that aren’t busy are the ones you should stay away from. Fresh fruit is just one of the best foods you can enjoy in Mexico because many types of fruit are grown in the country’s warm climate and are available year-round. You can also enjoy fresh-squeezed carrot or orange juice, and they are usually only a dollar or two for a large liter. What a treat!

  13. Pickup New Hobbies
  14. Many people that move to Mexico are happy that they now have extra time to pick up new hobbies that they never had the time to enjoy before. What kind of hobbies do you like? The natural beauty that is found in Mexico provides people with a variety of hobbies to pursue such as scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, hiking, mountain climbing, gardening, and so many others. When you pick up new hobbies, you will also be able to meet new people. You can sign up for a cooking class, pottery, or painting. Would you enjoy those hobbies?

In conclusion, you have read the top 7 moves to Mexico tips. If you use these tips, you will enjoy your new move to Mexico. Just remember to always be kind, friendly and compassionate. The culture, breathtaking views, delicious foods, and welcoming people will make your move to Mexico one of the best decisions you have ever made. Wanting to purchase Mexican real estate as well? Visit Villa La Estancia’s website at today to see what beachfront residences are still available for sale? You can choose from properties in Riviera Nayarit or Cabo San Lucas which are two of the top destinations in Mexico for expats looking to start a new life in a paradise. Are you ready to move to Mexico now?

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