Simple Living in Mexico

Simple Living in Mexico

Simple living in Mexico is an added attraction for foreign residents moving to Mexico. One of the most popular statements from foreigners that relocate to Mexico say that they are looking for a simple lifestyle. When people move to Mexico they often reflect on their decision and they immediately discover that their lifestyle back in their country was very expensive and way more than they even realized. A simple lifestyle is reducing the cost of living. If you move to Mexico and you want to live a luxurious life, then you will spend more time in Mexico than your own country, because the lifestyle that you can have in Mexico comes with added benefits and attractions, but at a much lower cost.

Your Priorities Change

Simple living in Mexico will have you changing your priorities to where what matters most in your life is having a healthy body and mind, switching your work schedule, and having a new space that you can enjoy with your friends and family. After you have done this you will have less stress and clutter in your life and your quality of life will be simple, but you won’t be poor. The people that are soon to be retiring or are retired are relocating to Mexico, because modern technology and the internet allows working professionals to work and live in Mexico.

Affordable Living

Working age people are relocating to Mexico due to their many variety of attractions. Soon to be retired people are moving to Mexico too and Mexico is becoming the most popular choice over any other country for retirees. The land and home costs are affordable in Mexico and are much more affordable than in Western Europe, Canada, and the United States.

Lower living costs in Mexico

Finances are the cornerstone for why people are considering to relocate to Mexico. Lower living costs adds to more income for working aged people and for those on a fixed income and those retired the added income from the lower living costs allows them to live a much lavished lifestyle. The lower living costs in Mexico will allow your income to be more and to stretch further. Remember, your lifestyle choices will determine your actual living costs in Mexico. Simple living in Mexico is the main reason working age people and retirees are relocating to Mexico. You can live a much better life for a fraction of the cost if you relocate to Mexico.

Tips for Moving to Mexico

Tips for Moving to Mexico

Relocating to Mexico is going to be an ideal life-changing decision. Your future here will be more promising and fulfilling for sure. But before moving ahead with your relocation to Mexico, it is helpful to be more familiar with the different things related to your move to ensure a smooth transition. Here are our top tips for moving to Mexico:

Visas and Immigration Requirements

For foreigners who want to work and live in Mexico, you need to have a visa before you can proceed with your relocation. If your job is lined up in Mexico, you still will have to start the immigration process in your home country. Retirees who plan on moving to Mexico can enjoy slightly less-complicated procedures which only require proof of your regular income through pension, although you will also need to start the procedure while you are outside of Mexico. If you want to come and live in Mexico on a temporary basis, less than 6 months a year, you can do so by simply filling out the tourist card on the plane. However, remember that in order to be able to get a phone contract, electricity etc in your own name, you will need to show proof of your immigration status.

Mexican Peso

Mexico’s currency is the Mexican Peso $MN. This is the official payment in almost all transactions, although dollars are acceptable in many accommodations, restaurants, and other tourist destination establishments. High-value goods may be advertised in dollars, like properties, cars, and art pieces, but purchases are usually in pesos using the current exchange rate. Moving to Mexico will mean that you will have to start getting used to the new currency.

Health Benefits

Mexican employers make sure that their employees pay social security quotas for basic government services such as healthcare. There are many instances when foreigners are encouraged to avail of private healthcare insurance instead. The advantage of private healthcare service is access to better and more modern facilities. You will also find that health insurance is not so expensive in Mexico, making moving to Mexico a more economical option for some people.


For those moving to Mexico with young children, you may be concerned about the education system in Mexico. Your children may choose to attend the public school system which is provided for free in Mexico. However, standards may be incomparable to that from you home country’s education. Most foreigners would rather choose the private schools, especially for those who are already earning professional wages in Mexico. Mexico’s private education are ideal for bilingual children and provides better facilities and standards for your children.

Owning a Property

Mexico offers similar procedures for buying property like that of Canada and the United States. There are restrictions, however, when you buy properties within 50 km of a beach or a border. If your choice of property is within these zones, you have to get a fideicomiso trust which is available from the local banks before you can make your purchase.


Working in Mexico or running your own business means you are required to pay taxes. You do not have to worry about double taxation since Mexico has agreements with many countries which benefits foreigners by making sure that they only tax in one country. The best thing to do regarding taxes is to consult your tax adviser in your home country before relocating to Mexico. VAT tax in Mexico is around 16%

Car Insurance

It is illegal not to have your car insurance in Mexico. It is also required that you have at least the minimum coverage in case of injury or death of a third party. It is also highly recommended, although only optional that you avail of property and health insurances.

Choosing your Destination

And lastly, part of the joy of moving to Mexico is being able to live in some of the most beautiful places in the work at affordable prices. Many foreigners choose stunning sunny beach locations like Cabo San Lucas, Riviera Nayarit, Puerto Vallarta or Cancun, while others want to live in more temperate climates inland like San Miguel de Allende, Lake Chapala, San Cristobal de Las Casas. Whatever your preference, moving to Mexico will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.