Where to Retire

Choosing Where to Retire

When coming up to retirement many people consider moving to another country to live out their “golden years” with their partner. What will you do: stay at home, move to somewhere else permanently, or become a snowbird?

If you’re set on retiring abroad you need to talk to your partner and think about what is going to suit you both best; if you have totally different ideas about what your retirement should entail then tensions are sure to arise. The first thing you should do is sit down and make a list of your key priorities… what you need, want, and what you want to avoid when it comes down to your retirement.

Being on the same page and at least knowing where you may need to make concessions can really help smooth the process in the long run.

Retirement destination checklist

Consider these factors before running off to a far-flung destination when you retire.

Do you get homesick

Are you very close to your family and friends? Are you likely to want then to visit regularly, or will longer stays less often be enough for you? If you’re in the USA and Canada countries like Mexico are close enough for weekend visits, whereas European and Asian destinations may be less practical for such trips.


If extremes of heat and cold are going to be a real issue for one (or both) of you it may be better to think about a country with a more temperate climate. Before you make a final decision we would recommend that you visit your chosen destination at least once during each season to ensure that you know what you’re getting into.

Do you want to live retire to the place full time?

If you’re moving full-time you may find that you have less choice than if you were becoming a part-time “snow bird”. Consider which countries allow for retirees moving in fulltime, and ask yourself if these are compatible with your needs.

Temporary or permanent move

Are you moving for good, or do you want to keep your options open? Depending on your intentions you may wish to look for a country which will allow you to have dual-citizenship (rather giving up your current citizenship status).


Many choose to move to a country where the cost of living is cheaper than in their home country; by doing so they make their pensions go farther, and enjoy a lifestyle they might otherwise have been unable to afford.


Consider what kind of lifestyle you might want to enjoy? Are you a hiking history buff, a lady (or gentleman) of leisure, or someone who wants to enjoy a bit of both?

Are foreigners welcome?

Some destinations are more friendly and accepting of foreign nationals and immigrants than others, think about how you will fit into your new community before making a move.

Healthcare and wellbeing

Many people choose their retirement destinations for health reasons; negative ions in the air in coastal locations, in particular, may improve the quality of life for some people with certain chronic conditions. Furthermore, if private healthcare is more affordable in your new destination this can only be a good thing.

Language barriers

Do you speak the language, and if not are you willing to learn? If the majority of the locals do not speak English communication could be a real problem.

The key to choosing a retirement destination which will please you both is to shortlist the countries which meet most of your needs and wants, and visit them in as many seasons as you can to get a real idea of what you’ll be getting into before you make the move officially. Certain try and buy options and fractional ownership programs will aid you in making informed decisions about how and where you spend your retirement.

best places to retire

Mexico is No.1 – International Living’s Best Places to Retire

Recently, Mexico has taken the No. 1 spot as being International Living’s best places to retire, especially for expats from the United States. International Living (IL) is one of the main authorities on relocating statistics and world-wide retirement.

Mexico is No.1 – International Living’s Best Places to Retire

The statistics for the best places to retire used by International Living are based upon a number of criteria: living costs, how easy it is to get a residents visa and general quality of life. Currently, statistics show that there are over one million expats from America living in Mexico who have decided that it is one of the best places to retire; so it is easy to see why Mexico has taken the No.1 spot for retirement locations around the world.

Best Places to Retire Abroad

Retiring abroad is a popular trend that is still growing and growing, and in the coming years it will only increase. Here are a few of the other countries that made the International Living’s top ten list of best places to retire abroad:

  • Costa Rica
  • Malaysia
  • Panama
  • Columbia
  • Malta
  • Ecuador
  • Nicaragua
  • Spain
  • Portugal.

Why have these countries made the list of best places to retire abroad? Let’s take a look at the top reasons why:

Living Costs are Affordable

While the best places to retire around the world are usually beautiful places in temperate or warm climate, but most retirees are more concerned about the living costs where they retire. One of the main attractions of Mexico is that the living costs are highly affordable. Retirees can live a very comfortable life without a lot of money in Mexico. The housing, food, and amenities will cost less than in your own country, and private healthcare is affordable too in Mexico. You might be surprised a the high quality of medical care you can receive in Mexico.

Mexico is Close to United States and Canada

How close a location is to your home country also has an impact on whether the place is a good destination for retirement. Spain and Portugal are popular locations for retirees from the UK, France, Germany and the Scandinavian countries while Mexico and Central American Countries like Costa Rica and Nicaragua are convenient for retirees arriving from Canada and the United States. Mexico, however, stands out amongst its competition for best places to retire because it is so close to the US and Canada with lots of flight options. Direct flights are offered in the top tourist locations in Mexico, which include Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, and Cancun, which makes getting back home easy to do. It is easy to hop on a flight and be back home within a few hours, which takes the hassle and stress from retirees that want to get back home to visit family or attend special occasions.

The Best Activities and Entertainment

It may surprise you that there are plenty of things to do for retirees in the top cities in Mexico and it is easy to become part of the community with lots of charitable foundations to support with your time and/or money. You will also see familiar brands that will make you feel at home, including Walmart, Costco and Starbucks, as well as many fast food chains that you will recognize. Obviously the charm of retiring in Mexico is to experience the Mexican life, but now and again it is nice to see familiar brands. The dining options are world class and plentiful. There will be English movies in the theaters along with nightlife, festivals, and music tours that come to these areas.

Many English Speaking places to retire

It is very common that English is being spoken in the major cities in Mexico. This is often a big worry and concern for retirees that are considering retiring in Mexico. If you don’t speak Spanish, then you don’t need to worry, because you will find that many people speak English in the popular expat towns in Mexico like Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, Cancun, Lake Chapala and San Miguel de Allende. Obviously, learning Spanish is a lot of fun and great to keep your brain exercised.

Are you considering retiring in Mexico? Let us know what your thoughts or concerns are below.

Young Families in Riviera Nayarit

Young Families in Riviera Nayarit

Are you planning to find a better place to raise up a young family? Consider Riviera Nayarit in Mexico. This place could be the place you are looking for. Here are the reasons why:

Perfect climate for Young Families

Long gone are the days when kids mostly stay home glued to the screens of the televisions or gadgets. In Riviera Nayarit, you get a place that discourages staying in bed the whole day. Instead, kids will love to stay outdoors and explore their surroundings with the perfect climate in this Pacific Coast area of Mexico. There is plenty of sunshine for the whole year which is ideal for kids, not only for fun, but for flexing some muscles which is an integral part of their growing up years. From November to April, hardly a drop of rain will be seen, while the summer months can have heavy downpours but only for some short hours. This will not cut off the pleasure that your kids will get. Who says singing, dancing, and playing in the rain is boring?

Healthy environment

Lush and fresh environment surrounds you home in Riviera Nayarit that is perfect for young families. There is a rolling mountain range, the Sierra Madre, which is a good place to do some hiking, biking, zip lining, camping, and even horseback riding. The coastal areas are ideal for swimming, surfing, castle building, and playing. There are stretches of sandy beaches and coves waiting to be explored. How about a river where kids will enjoy swimming, wading, or observing aquatic animals? These natural scenarios around your child are fresh with lesser pollution compared to other urban regions. Your afternoons and weekends will be full of excitement as you discover more of the natural beauty around you and your young family.

Activities in Riviera Nayarit

Worried that your child will get bored or will have nothing to do than riot all over the house? In Riviera Nayarit, clubs and activities are waiting for your child to participate in. If your child is interested in sports, there’s a local stadium where your children can join a team and compete while representing your locality. Other kids love to be part of performances. The salsa or flamenco dance classes will help boost the artistry in your child. Adventurous youngsters will have their adrenaline rushes as they join the surfing or paddle-boarding activities. If your child is more indoor-oriented, there are cafes and play areas with air conditioning units conducive for doing the usual hobbies that your kids love.

Childcare for Young Families

Mexico offers affordable part-time or full-time childcare services. Your nanny will be friendly and reliable as that is what Mexican people are known for. There are bilingual private schools within your reach with several options for pricing and location. You can avail of these services for your pre-school aged children, if you are working, or need some leisure time for yourself. The right nanny for your child is just around the corner.

Traditional Values

Embracing different cultures is an extra achievement for your child. Mexico’s diverse customs and traditions will provide that experience to widen your child’s perspective. They can also learn a second language through socializing with their playmates, classmates, and teachers. The vast array of food choices will also broaden their taste buds.

Riviera Nayarit is a great choice for young families looking to relocate to Mexico.