Baby Boomers and Real Estate in Mexico

Baby Boomers and Real Estate in Mexico

The term ‘baby boomer’ has become popular to describe babies that were born in the years of 1946 thru 1964. Today, the majority of these babies are already at retirement age, having benefited from a relatively secure economy. With time on their hands and an empty nest, many baby boomers are looking towards what they will do with the rest of their lives, which is where real estate in Mexico comes into the mix.

What challenges do baby boomers face?

The main challenges that baby boomers face is making a fixed income match their lifestyle goals while filling their time with inspiring activities to keep them active and young at heart. One of the ways that a number of North American baby boomers have faced these challenges is by purchasing real estate in Mexico.

Baby Boomers and Real Estate in Mexico

Many retirees find themselves on fixed incomes, no longer enjoying so much disposable cash as they did before. As living costs continue to rise all over the world, our dollars stretch less and less. Rising property taxes, groceries, healthcare and heating bills are just some of the ways that pensions become limiting for many baby boomers. In order to make their money stretch further, many people are now looking to relocate to Mexico just to simplify their lifestyles and reduce outgoings.

Life is more affordable in Mexico

Many baby boomers are now looking for a place to live where the bills are cheaper and lower, so their income can be stretched further. Mexico offers many attractive options for baby boomers, because the taxes on property are lower and the overall maintenance costs for homes are just a small fraction of what they are in Europe, Canada, and in the United States. All living costs in Mexico are considerably lower than many places around the world. Besides, real estate in Mexico is also affordable and ideal for downsizing or second home.

Luxury Downsizing

However, not all baby boomers are counting their pennies. Those who have a large family home, having worked hard and spent the majority of their lives paying off their mortgage, may consider to downsize in order to purchase a vacation property so that they can live the winters in a warmer climate. By downsizing in their hometown, these baby boomers can enjoy a home overseas too by investing in real estate in Mexico. Some baby boomers choose to break completely with their old life, opting to move permanently to Mexico.

Why Mexico Real Estate?

Mexico is a popular place for retirement amongst Americans and Canadians. Not only does Mexico have the best climate year round, it also has great, affordable healthcare, many amenities, and the best proximity to Canada and the United States with handy direct flights. The real estate in Mexico is also highly affordable and you will get a lot more for your dollars with money left over too for those luxuries you deserve in your retirement.

What not to do When Moving House

What not to do When Moving House

For renters and homeowners alike, the job of moving can be stressful and frustrating. Moving house is an overwhelming job, and with this overwhelming job, so many people still don’t prepare properly. When you don’t prepare, it makes moving even worse. What are some of the things that people are doing wrong when moving house? Here are a few tips that will show you what not to do wrong when you move.

  1. Not Packing Boxes Correctly
  2. One moving mistake that some may think mundane is not packing boxes correctly and fully. Often people leave packing to the day before the moving truck is on its way, stuffing things randomly into boxes without any order. Giving yourself enough time to pack correctly will save you time when you arrive to your new home. Take the time to pack correctly by labeling the boxes as you pack. This will mean movers will use less boxes, which will save money later on renting a larger truck.

  3. Start Organizing Ahead of Time
  4. When moving house, movers should start organizing ahead of time by packing in advance. If movers do this, then you won’t be scrambling later. The things that you don’t use every day, which would include documents, bedding, and any sports items, then go ahead and pack these items. Start organizing ahead of time and packing immediately.

  5. Packing and Marking Essential Items
  6. Movers should keep all the things that they need and use every day separate, which would include medicine, phones, chargers, toiletries, and anything that you will need on the day that you move into your new home. You should mark these essential items with a bright lettering or tag, so you can find them with ease once moving house has been completed and you are in your new place wanting to make a cup of coffee.

  7. Don’t Pack Junk
  8. When movers are in the process of moving they often overlook the junk. Do you really want to pack things that you have stored for years? One thing movers should keep in mind is if you haven’t used it, then you don’t need it. Get rid of it. You can donate good items to a thrift store or a charity. Just ask the charity or thrift store if they take donations, then you can donate all these items and you won’t have to pack them. For valuable items that movers don’t want to donate, then you can have a garage sale or sell them on a group on Facebook or Gumtree. Doing this will get your items out there to hundreds of home that will want to purchase your stuff. Remember, one man’s trash is always another man’s treasure.

  9. Employ a packing service
  10. If you really don’t have time to pack your boxes efficiently yourself, then employing a packing service could be the answer. These professionals know how to store your items in an efficient manner and could take a lot of the stress out of moving house.