Tap Water in Mexico

Drinking the Tap Water in Mexico?

Water is a great resource in Mexico which can be available both through the tap or by the bottle. Locals might have differing statements whether their tap water is potable or not. The accurate response would depend on the location of the tap water. Some tap water may be safe for drinking while others may not be ideal even for bathing.

Public water systems

Most cities and towns in Mexico have good public water systems. Local residents are mostly satisfied with their tap water as their main source of drinking water. It is still important to remember that not all place has a safe and potable water which is why taking bottled or filtered water with you as you explore this country is essential.

How does water arrive

There are three water delivery systems in Mexico through which homes may have access to clean drinking water. These are through the mains-feed, a communal feed from the local water springs, or a combination of local water delivery by truck and rain collection. The mains-feed provide water to most urban towns and cities, while those on the outskirts of the cities receive water through the communally-run system. Other practical owners would collect rainwater during the rainy months and combine this with water deliveries from trucks. There are also home where owners have put up their own filtration systems and the water is dispensed separately.

Bottled water

If your place of residence does not have this system, there are plenty of sources to get bottled water. Most of these waters range in sizes from hand-sized bottles to 20-liter containers or “Garrafon” in Mexico. You can buy these bottled waters from street traders, supermarkets, local convenience stores, pharmacies, and even water delivery companies. These water delivery companies sell bottled waters in 20-liter containers and provide potable waters to factories, offices, and homes.

Water provision in hotels

All hotels offer purified water in at least a bottle per customer. Customer services can provide extra bottles for each day without extra charge. If you are living in a large hotel or some upscale smaller hotels, most of these have their own purification systems installed at their properties. Dining in a restaurant can provide you with a complimentary glass of water which may come from a bottle or a filtration system or they may simply offer you a bottled water.

If you have your own property in Mexico, it is ideal to have a three-way filter system in your residential are for a steady supply of drinking water. If not, you can easily purchase those large 20-liter garrafones which most Mexicans are doing.

Baby Boomers and Real Estate in Mexico

Baby Boomers and Real Estate in Mexico

The term ‘baby boomer’ has become popular to describe babies that were born in the years of 1946 thru 1964. Today, the majority of these babies are already at retirement age, having benefited from a relatively secure economy. With time on their hands and an empty nest, many baby boomers are looking towards what they will do with the rest of their lives, which is where real estate in Mexico comes into the mix.

What challenges do baby boomers face?

The main challenges that baby boomers face is making a fixed income match their lifestyle goals while filling their time with inspiring activities to keep them active and young at heart. One of the ways that a number of North American baby boomers have faced these challenges is by purchasing real estate in Mexico.

Baby Boomers and Real Estate in Mexico

Many retirees find themselves on fixed incomes, no longer enjoying so much disposable cash as they did before. As living costs continue to rise all over the world, our dollars stretch less and less. Rising property taxes, groceries, healthcare and heating bills are just some of the ways that pensions become limiting for many baby boomers. In order to make their money stretch further, many people are now looking to relocate to Mexico just to simplify their lifestyles and reduce outgoings.

Life is more affordable in Mexico

Many baby boomers are now looking for a place to live where the bills are cheaper and lower, so their income can be stretched further. Mexico offers many attractive options for baby boomers, because the taxes on property are lower and the overall maintenance costs for homes are just a small fraction of what they are in Europe, Canada, and in the United States. All living costs in Mexico are considerably lower than many places around the world. Besides, real estate in Mexico is also affordable and ideal for downsizing or second home.

Luxury Downsizing

However, not all baby boomers are counting their pennies. Those who have a large family home, having worked hard and spent the majority of their lives paying off their mortgage, may consider to downsize in order to purchase a vacation property so that they can live the winters in a warmer climate. By downsizing in their hometown, these baby boomers can enjoy a home overseas too by investing in real estate in Mexico. Some baby boomers choose to break completely with their old life, opting to move permanently to Mexico.

Why Mexico Real Estate?

Mexico is a popular place for retirement amongst Americans and Canadians. Not only does Mexico have the best climate year round, it also has great, affordable healthcare, many amenities, and the best proximity to Canada and the United States with handy direct flights. The real estate in Mexico is also highly affordable and you will get a lot more for your dollars with money left over too for those luxuries you deserve in your retirement.

Mexico’s Feathered Foreign Residents

Mexico’s Feathered Foreign Residents

If you are a foreign resident looking to make Mexico your second home, you are not alone. According to an article at www.vallartadaily.com, Mexico is the second home to over 350 species of migratory birds. While you might be looking for a warm winter retreat, many of these birds are heading to Mexico for mating!

Mexico’s Feathered Foreign Residents

Migration amongst birds is common, and more than 350 types of birds, with millions of years of evolution behind them, make sure they arrive to their second home in Mexico each year. Most of these birds migrate south from various parts of the United States of Canada, enjoying the warmer winter climates that Mexico offers.

Birds Form Part of Mexico’s Heritage

The article at www.vallartadaily.com suggests that Mexico has a deep relationship with birds, which it has kept since pre-Hispanic times through song, stories and art. Even when you look at the Mexican flag, the symbol of the republic is that of a eagle sat on a nopal cactus eating a serpent.

Domestic and Foreign Residents

According to www.vallartadaily.com migratory birds in Mexico can be divided into four general types: snowbirds (winter residents), summer residents, those in transit, and migrants that join resident populations.


Just as Mexico affectionately calls the people who live in Mexico during the winter months, snowbirds are those that come for winter. A good example is the golden cheeked warbler of Texas, and there are around 200 other bird species.

Summer Residents

Summer is less popular than winter with only around 30 species of birds that spend summer in Mexico, like the lucifer hummingbird. These birds tend to prefer to spend winter even further south.

Birds In transit

There are another 35 species that tend to mate in northern Mexico then head to Central and South America. For example, the pectoral sandpiper (Calidris melantos) does its breeding in Alaska and Northern Canada, passing Mexico to spend winter in South America.

Migratory Birds that Join Year Round Residents

A less well known category of migrant birds are those that migrate to join residents that spend the whole year in Mexico. There are around 140 such species, including diver birds that do this.

Mexico’s Role in Migration

Mexico is one of the most important counties when its comes to migratory birds as it acts like a funnel allowing passage to Central and South America. As such, Mexico has a responsibility to protect its forests and popular sites for migratory birds so as to protect its foreign residents, no matter how temporary their stay.

Puerto Vallarta is Safe

Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta is Safe

Your safety and that of your family is most likely your No.1 priority when choosing a place to live, which is why you will be happy to read that Puerto Vallarta is one of the safest places to live and visit in Mexico; and certainly much safer than any big city in the USA or Canada! Despite the hyped news you will watch that depicts Mexico as a country plagued by violence and insecurity, the reality in the country’s top tourist destinations like Puerto Vallarta, Cabos San Lucas and Cancun is that life in these places is probably way safer for you than living in your home town!

Puerto Vallarta is Safe

Two separate surveys recently carried out in the City of Puerto Vallarta, located on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, suggests that Puerto Vallarta is considered amongst its visitors to be a safe environment. Both the Municipal Secretary for Tourism and the National Public Urban Security Survey (ENSU) released survey results that provide an insight into how safe Puerto Vallarta actually is.

What did the results show?

The survey results from studies carried out in March and April by ENSU and the Municipal Secretary for Tourism respectively confirm what most people expected: visitors feel very safe in Puerto Vallarta. The surveys targeted tourists and residents in Puerto Vallarta, inquiring about the perceived levels of safety enjoyed in Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay.

Municipal Secretary for Tourism

The Municipal Secretary for Tourism took time during the recent Easter vacations in Puerto Vallarta to carry out a large scale survey that asked more than 2000 people questions related to their wellbeing and safety in Puerto Vallarta. The goal was to ascertain just how safe tourists considered the famed tourist spot of Puerto Vallarta to be. In order to obtain results that were more reflective of the whole experience enjoyed by tourists, the surveys concentrated on asking questions of visitors who had already spent quite a few days in Puerto Vallarta when they were coming to the end of their stay. That way, visitors had passed enough time in the city to be able to give a realistic response to the survey.


The surveys carried out by ENSU were focused on general levels of safety in Puerto Vallarta according to residents. Because this was a national survey, the results were also compared to other cities in Mexico. The outcome was that Puerto Vallarta is one of the safest locations in the country. The ENSU survey looked at a variety of issues including safety when using ATMs and banks, using public transport and being out on the streets during the day and night.

Do you agree that Puerto Vallarta is one of the safest places in Mexico? Leave your comments and tell us why!

Reference: www.vallartadaily.com [retrieved April 20th, 2017]

Mexico one of the Worlds Happiest Countries

What Makes Mexico one of the World’s Happiest Countries?

Did you know that Mexico is one of the world’s happiest countries? It is also a very popular place for retirees and a top choice for vacations. Mexico has more than just delicious cuisine, outdoors adventures, and the best beaches (which is what makes travelers want to come back year after year and expats move here), it has that “happy factor” we are all seeking. Want to know what makes Mexico one of the world’s happiest countries in the world? Read on…

What makes Mexico so happy?

In a recent news report published by Mexico News Daily based on data and research from the World Happiness Report, Gallup, the Happy Planet Index, and the New Economics Foundation, Mexico was celebrated as the second happiest country worldwide, with Costa Rica taking the top position. Mexico ranked way above the United States even though its economy is at least five times smaller. It would seem that the residents of Mexico may not have a lot of money, but they are certainly much happier, so money isn’t everything.

Satisfaction and wellbeing

The report speaks about how we measure our levels of satisfaction and wellbeing in terms of how comfortable, happy, and healthy we are. The surveys indicate that the residents of Mexico are generally very satisfied with their lives even when problems come their way. Having a positive outlook goes a long way to establishing our sense of happiness and worth.

Living a long life

The average life expectancy for people living in Mexico is 76.4, which is one of the highest amongst the Latin American countries and in line with statistics for many developed countries. Good life expectancy could be the result of Mexico’s affordable private healthcare service as well as state-run medical cover. Also, Mexico is recognized as being a country with relative low levels of stress, which can contribute greatly to overall health.

Affordable Living

You can live on minimal means in Mexico and still enjoy life. Even on low incomes, housing costs, utility costs, and food are affordable compared to other countries, which allows for people in Mexico to not worry so much about money.

Laid Back Atmosphere

One of the best features and benefits of living in Mexico is its laid back atmosphere. Particularly in the coastal cities, there is less stress and the vibe is one more conducive to relaxation. While the “mañana” attitude may get on your nerves when you are in a rush, you will appreciate it later when you slow down and get into the local vibe. Even when many Mexicans work six days a week, they still have plenty of time for fun, adventure, and, of course, relaxation.

Now you can see what makes Mexico one of the world’s happiest countries. There are many benefits to living in Mexico.

best places to retire

Mexico is No.1 – International Living’s Best Places to Retire

Recently, Mexico has taken the No. 1 spot as being International Living’s best places to retire, especially for expats from the United States. International Living (IL) is one of the main authorities on relocating statistics and world-wide retirement.

Mexico is No.1 – International Living’s Best Places to Retire

The statistics for the best places to retire used by International Living are based upon a number of criteria: living costs, how easy it is to get a residents visa and general quality of life. Currently, statistics show that there are over one million expats from America living in Mexico who have decided that it is one of the best places to retire; so it is easy to see why Mexico has taken the No.1 spot for retirement locations around the world.

Best Places to Retire Abroad

Retiring abroad is a popular trend that is still growing and growing, and in the coming years it will only increase. Here are a few of the other countries that made the International Living’s top ten list of best places to retire abroad:

  • Costa Rica
  • Malaysia
  • Panama
  • Columbia
  • Malta
  • Ecuador
  • Nicaragua
  • Spain
  • Portugal.

Why have these countries made the list of best places to retire abroad? Let’s take a look at the top reasons why:

Living Costs are Affordable

While the best places to retire around the world are usually beautiful places in temperate or warm climate, but most retirees are more concerned about the living costs where they retire. One of the main attractions of Mexico is that the living costs are highly affordable. Retirees can live a very comfortable life without a lot of money in Mexico. The housing, food, and amenities will cost less than in your own country, and private healthcare is affordable too in Mexico. You might be surprised a the high quality of medical care you can receive in Mexico.

Mexico is Close to United States and Canada

How close a location is to your home country also has an impact on whether the place is a good destination for retirement. Spain and Portugal are popular locations for retirees from the UK, France, Germany and the Scandinavian countries while Mexico and Central American Countries like Costa Rica and Nicaragua are convenient for retirees arriving from Canada and the United States. Mexico, however, stands out amongst its competition for best places to retire because it is so close to the US and Canada with lots of flight options. Direct flights are offered in the top tourist locations in Mexico, which include Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, and Cancun, which makes getting back home easy to do. It is easy to hop on a flight and be back home within a few hours, which takes the hassle and stress from retirees that want to get back home to visit family or attend special occasions.

The Best Activities and Entertainment

It may surprise you that there are plenty of things to do for retirees in the top cities in Mexico and it is easy to become part of the community with lots of charitable foundations to support with your time and/or money. You will also see familiar brands that will make you feel at home, including Walmart, Costco and Starbucks, as well as many fast food chains that you will recognize. Obviously the charm of retiring in Mexico is to experience the Mexican life, but now and again it is nice to see familiar brands. The dining options are world class and plentiful. There will be English movies in the theaters along with nightlife, festivals, and music tours that come to these areas.

Many English Speaking places to retire

It is very common that English is being spoken in the major cities in Mexico. This is often a big worry and concern for retirees that are considering retiring in Mexico. If you don’t speak Spanish, then you don’t need to worry, because you will find that many people speak English in the popular expat towns in Mexico like Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, Cancun, Lake Chapala and San Miguel de Allende. Obviously, learning Spanish is a lot of fun and great to keep your brain exercised.

Are you considering retiring in Mexico? Let us know what your thoughts or concerns are below.

Moving to Mexico with your Car

Moving to Mexico with your Car

Moving to Mexico involves a lot of organization, and there are many elements that you will need to plan carefully, including bringing your car with you. Having your own car will provide you more time to explore the beauty of Mexico but it not essential. You might be better served to purchase a car in Mexico and sell your car back home, or travel on public transport and taxis.

For those of you who are thinking of moving to Mexico with your car, here are some pointers you will need to consider:

Driving with your non-Mexican car in the “Free Zone”

If your car has a non-Mexican license plate, it can still pass through the border and even drive within the “Free Zone”. This area covers around 22 miles (35 km) from the land borders and while you drive in this zone, you do not need any extra paperwork. For instance, driving within the free zone will not oblige you to get a permit, but once you decide to move further south, you will have to secure your car’s permit. There are many checkpoints but these checkpoints do not sell permits so you better be ready with it once you head south.

Outside the “Free Zone” when moving to Mexico

People entering Mexico may bring one car per adult, which requires a special permit. This permission lasts as long as your visa and any subsequent extensions are valid. You will need a temporary import permit when you drive beyond Mexico’s “Free Zone”. If you are a tourist, you are allowed to bring one car even if it’s not your own, while if you are entering on a residents visa, the car must be registered in your name.

Within the Permitted Time Frame

How long does an import permit last? It is valid as long as your current visa is valid. Your car is allowed to be within Mexico for the duration of your stay only. Changing your immigration status while you are in Mexico will not require you to apply for a new car permit, but once you decide to go back to your country, you have to surrender your car permit. If ever you want to reenter the country, you must purchase a new vehicle permit if you need one. It is also worth noting that once you become a permanent resident after moving to Mexico, you will no longer be able to bring your car into the country and you will need to get any foreign licensed cars that you own registered in Mexico, which can be quite costly and time consuming.

Rules and Regulations

Each person is only allowed to import one car into Mexico. If you want to bring more than one car and you have a spouse or a child who is above 18 years old moving with you, you may bring additional vehicle according to the number of eligible individuals. Towing a car behind an RV means the two vehicles may enter the country. The proof of ownership is required for both of the vehicles. If you leave the country, these vehicles must also go out the border with you. The same applies for a trailer. You still have to provide proof of ownership and it must also leave the country with you.

Single-passenger motorized vehicles like ATVs and motorcycles may be registered with the vehicle which towed or carried them into Mexico. Only three single-passenger vehicles are permitted per main vehicle. You must also provide proof of ownership for these extra vehicles and you must take them with you when you leave.

Moving Abroad

Will you Miss your Family Too Much Moving Abroad?

If you are considering moving to a new country and starting a new life or retirement abroad, you might find yourself challenged with how to cope with missing your family. The idea of having to leave your elderly loved ones or your young ones might keep you from relocating. Here are some good tips to stop you from missing your family too much when moving abroad.

Start socializing asap

Start socializing as soon as you can upon moving abroad. Gain new friends and widen your social circle by joining as many groups as possible. Get involved with community activities such as taking Spanish lessons, joining dance, cooking, or yoga classes etc. Be sure to create excuses to invite your new friends to other events so that your circle starts growing. Making new friends who are in the same position as you will certainly help when you miss your family.

Get in touch with new technology

There is actually no excuse not to communicate with your far-off loved ones with so much new technology. Through Internet, webcams, and services like Skype, Facetime, and others, you get to talk and even see your family and friends face to face with just a few clicks. Don’t be shy of new technology; if need be ask your younger family members to show you how to use it so that staying in touch is easy.

Stay regular

You can also use your gadgets to set up a regular schedule when you are going to make your calls or do your video chats. A weekly, monthly, or whatever schedule that will make up your routine calls is more convenient. You won’t have to blame yourself when you realized a long time already passed by without any word from you or your closest back home. The best way is to not let too much time go by. Get into the habit of sending regular messages and calling frequently.

Choose an attractive location

When you make your move, choose a place where direct flights are available for your family and friends back home to take advantage of. Cities served by budget airlines will encourage friends and families to come and pay you a visit. You will be amazed at how many of them will come over and cheer you up.

Choose a place where the cost of living is low

You might also find it more convenient if you stay in a place where the cost of living is less expensive. This will motivate more vacations from for your family and friends. You will also have enough to save for your yearly visits back home or you may want to treat your dearest by buying tickets for them when they want to come over.

Buy or rent property that is big enough for visitors

Prepare for your guests when moving abroad by making sure you have plenty of rooms to accommodate them and additional bathrooms. Make it comfortable when people visit and you will see they will come and visit more often.

Moving abroad can be the best decision you ever make!

Living in Mexico

What to Expect when Living in Mexico

Living in Mexico is nothing compared to what you might have read, watched, or observed in a short stay there or on vacation. The real life in Mexico can only be described by a local who knows and understands its intricacies and peculiarities. This sunny southern neighbor of the United States has amazing personalities that will make you prefer to live here for a while or for life. Find out what makes living in Mexico a unique experience.

Friendly People

Mexicans as a nation are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Try a few words of Spanish and they will become friends for life. There is something intrinsically warm about the people in Mexico that make it an attractive choice for those looking for a place to relocate or retire.

Appreciating the important things in life

Life in Mexico is slower compared to the busy life of the United States. If you are tired of rushing around most of the time, the mellow atmosphere in Mexico can be a relief, although there are others who will get frustrated by such a relaxed atmosphere. This slower pace of life can then be both a curse and a blessing. If you find the rush of the cities unbearable Mexico provides serene places to unwind and reconnect.


Be warned that Mexico is not the most punctual of countries, and you may be left standing for a few minutes or more when making a plan with local Mexicans. Obviously, this is a generalization, and you will find that in business, punctuality is a key, but on the whole, you need to be prepared for tardiness. For example, if you are planning to meet your Mexican friend at 7 in the evening, be sure to let them know that you are punctual. It is not unusual otherwise for your friend to show up at 7:30 or even 8 pm. However, if you make it clear that 7 means 7, most Mexican are pretty good.

First Things First

Unlike its US counterpart, the working conditions in Mexico provide six days of work and only one day off. If you have been accustomed to the weekend off set up in the US, this work scenario might be not promising to you. Only, those living and working in Mexico for six days make the most of their time by using this day to spend for the expression of their faith, for their families, and for personal recreation. They know that these things are important and even work will not get in the way of them allocating a time each week for these.

Getting Around

The crowded streets during peak hours might be common in the United States, and even in Mexico. But in this amazing country, the roads get even merrier with all the drivers who are willing to set aside rules just to get places. Be sure to use your common sense, alertness, caution and the seatbelt while driving, and don’t assume that everyone is following the laws.

Simple Living in Mexico

Simple Living in Mexico

Simple living in Mexico is an added attraction for foreign residents moving to Mexico. One of the most popular statements from foreigners that relocate to Mexico say that they are looking for a simple lifestyle. When people move to Mexico they often reflect on their decision and they immediately discover that their lifestyle back in their country was very expensive and way more than they even realized. A simple lifestyle is reducing the cost of living. If you move to Mexico and you want to live a luxurious life, then you will spend more time in Mexico than your own country, because the lifestyle that you can have in Mexico comes with added benefits and attractions, but at a much lower cost.

Your Priorities Change

Simple living in Mexico will have you changing your priorities to where what matters most in your life is having a healthy body and mind, switching your work schedule, and having a new space that you can enjoy with your friends and family. After you have done this you will have less stress and clutter in your life and your quality of life will be simple, but you won’t be poor. The people that are soon to be retiring or are retired are relocating to Mexico, because modern technology and the internet allows working professionals to work and live in Mexico.

Affordable Living

Working age people are relocating to Mexico due to their many variety of attractions. Soon to be retired people are moving to Mexico too and Mexico is becoming the most popular choice over any other country for retirees. The land and home costs are affordable in Mexico and are much more affordable than in Western Europe, Canada, and the United States.

Lower living costs in Mexico

Finances are the cornerstone for why people are considering to relocate to Mexico. Lower living costs adds to more income for working aged people and for those on a fixed income and those retired the added income from the lower living costs allows them to live a much lavished lifestyle. The lower living costs in Mexico will allow your income to be more and to stretch further. Remember, your lifestyle choices will determine your actual living costs in Mexico. Simple living in Mexico is the main reason working age people and retirees are relocating to Mexico. You can live a much better life for a fraction of the cost if you relocate to Mexico.