Nuevo Vallarta Receives Clean Tourist Destination Award

Nuevo Vallarta Receives Clean Tourist Destination Award

Nuevo Vallarta can be found just 20 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, and was recently awarded a certificate for being a “Clean Tourism Destination”. This award, given on May 19th 2016, is the first of its kind to be awarded within Mexico.

FIBBA Compliance – Clean Tourist Destination

Nuevo Vallarta was able to meet the quality requirements for Clean Tourist Destination thanks to FIBBA’s compliance in the fields of waste and water management, and urban infrastructure. Nuevo Vallarta has seen rapid growth within the last three decades, and yet has maintained a better level of urban planning than many cities twice its size. It has gorgeous avenues with lush, well-kept foliage and natural waterways which catch the sun so well. This is a wonderful home away from home for foreigners and nationals alike. When you are here you’ll enjoy a standard of living not found anywhere else.

Nuevo Vallarta is a Clean Tourist Destination

Roberto Sandoval Castañeda, the Governor of Nayarit, proudly accepted the certificate for Clean Tourist Destination from Pacchiano Alamán, the head of SEMARNAT (the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources). Local officials were honored by the acknowledgement the that municipality of Banderas Bay had gone above and beyond the legal requirements by ensuring that sustainable growth was a priority, and by keeping the area impeccably clean.

Why is Nuevo Vallarta so popular?

If you’re yet to explore Nuevo Vallarta, and want to spend an afternoon in the area, or take a vacation here then we have some great suggestions for things to do;

Beach Strolling

Start at the hotel zone and make your way down the beach, all the way to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. Pass by lovely hotels and enjoy walking on hard packed sand and the sound of soft rolling surf. This is a favorite pastime for locals and vacationers.

Boogie or Skim Boarding

The waves in Nuevo Vallarta are perfect for those who want to learn how to boogie board, or who enjoy skim boarding.

Ride a Bike

The gorgeous scenery found in and around Nuevo Vallarta is perfect for leisurely bike rides and intense workouts alike.

Walk the marina’s malecon in Nuevo Vallarta

If you love boating or want to learn how then one of the two marinas in Nuevo Vallarta will do just nicely. Of course you could also just grab a cup of coffee and watch the yachts come and go for a few hours.

Foodies Galore

Nuevo Vallarta is a haven for foodies, and offers tastes unlike anything found elsewhere in Banderas Bay. There are many gourmet options which range from seafood to surf and turf, Mexican to Italian, and the venues range from fine dining to relaxed and casual.

Turtle Season

At the south entrance to Nuevo Vallarta there’s a great seafood restaurant; La Laguna. After your lunch you could throw some bread to the turtles.

Nuevo Vallarta is a place that many return to year on year, and that the residents are proud to call their home. We’d like to offer congratulations to all who contributed to making this area the first celebrated Clean Tourist Destination in Mexico.

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