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How to have fun in Puerto Vallarta when it rains

Rain can be a hassle when you’re on a vacation but when you are in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, a day of rain can be a blessing. Rain will not stop you from enjoying your highly anticipated vacations in Puerto Vallarta. As a top vacation destination with over 300 days of sunshine every year, your vacation in Puerto Vallarta is not likely to be dogged by rain but in the event that you are caught in a summer rain storm, the city offers you a lot of thrilling activities that can be alternatives to your botched plans.

Here are some of the ways to have fun when rains in the middle of your vacation in Puerto Vallarta.

Shopping spree at the Mall

Wouldn’t it be good checking the latest trends in technology and clothing during this idle time? Go out and visit Puerto Vallarta’s famous shopping mall, Galerias Vallarta. This place has shops, a large department store and boutiques that offer a wide variety of goods at affordable prices. You can have the latest gadget that you plan on buying during the past days. Galerias Vallarta has recognized stores that offer branded products and the best must haves that suit everyone’s discriminating tastes.

People watching seems a lazy thing to do, but it can be worthwhile and exciting. Sit comfortably in any chair that you can find inside the mall or take a table at Starbucks or the food court and see how people move around doing their thing. If you want to try your luck, then visit one of the mall’s casinos. Rain could bring your lucky day and bring you a windfall! There are also arcades which can give your kids some challenge playing video games. Come the end of the day, everyone becomes hungry and it’s time to have some sumptuous dishes in Sirloin Stockade or Chilis.

There’s also something for art enthusiasts. Galerias Vallarta becomes a venue for photography and painting sessions which feature known artists. Watching a movie at the popular Cinemax Theatre is enjoyable. It features a state of the art viewing experience with the nicest audios and shown in absolute clarity.

Enjoy some relaxing time in a spa

Rainy days mean a break from your usual vacation routines of going to some fabulous beaches. It means time to pamper your body by giving it a real nice and soothing massage. Get world class services by visiting one of the many Puerto Vallarta’s spas. Get a whole body massage to keep you relax and take away whatever pains you have. Better still, a beauty treatment to keep that beautiful aura that makes you confident in facing further holiday obstacles that can come your way. Your children can also experience these as hotels and resorts have facilities to offer such services.

A quality get together with friends and family members

When you’re locked up in your hotel because of the rains, spend some moments with your kids. It could mean engaging in some fun plays like card and board games. You can even have candid conversations with them or watch together movies that are today’s blockbusters. These can be precious moments which you don’t have time back home because of work schedules.

There can be nearby places outside that are worth visiting. Stores, shops and cafes where you can indulge into some sweet talks with your partner. If you don’t feel like going out, reading a book or simply sitting back and relaxing can also be alternatives. There are a lot of things you can do despite the rains. You just have to use your creativity and vivid imagination.

Work out at the Gym

If you hotel or condo block has a gym, you could use the rain as an excuse to get fit and tone those muscles for your subsequent days on the beach. No time on vacation is wasted time!

Los Mangos Public Library

This public library is one of the few places in Puerto Vallarta where fun and learning come hand in hand. It’s located at Av. Francisco Villa 1001 in Colonia Versalles and it’s known as Biblioteca Los Mangos. It features Mexico’ s rich culture and where you can engage in a lot of activities. Some of it includes studying, having dance lessons, watching movies or playing the less physical sport of chess. It’s open during weekdays from 1-9 pm and Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm.

Learning about Mexico’s culture in Vallarta Naval Museum

If you’re interested in learning some of Mexico’s history, why not visit the Puerto Vallarta Navy Museum and Naval Historical Center that can be found on the Malecon in El Centro? You can see the naval and maritime exhibits held on its corridors. Be amazed by the different art collections on display, which are done by local and international artists. You can go here when the rain doesn’t permit you to go far. It’s publicly open from 10 am to 5pm everyday except Monday.

Front Row Seats while Dining

Get that tropical feeling even when it rains. Go to the Malecon or Playa Los Muertos, a popular beach place where beachfront restaurants flourish. Dine and drink to your heart’s content while watching the rain’s drama in a front row seat. Sway to live music and enjoy the sights around. This is one great place to visit in Puerto Vallarta come rainy days.

Whatever is your choice from this list of things to do, one thing is certain: the rain can’t stop you from having fun.

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