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Dream Life: Move to Mexico

Are you wanting to find the path to happiness? Are you tired with the worry and stress up north, and you would really like a life that is slower and less stressful? If so, you should consider a move to Mexico. Many foreigners choose to move to Mexico to live the simple life, and never look back. Would you like to know more about living your dream life if you move to Mexico? Here are a few top reasons why many expats make the move to Mexico.

Enjoy The Little Things in Life

Many expats that move to Mexico claim that a slower paced life has allowed them to enjoy the little things in life. This is often a favorite reason that expats decide to move to Mexico. Many expats in Mexico enjoy reconnecting with some of their favorite hobbies that they were unable to find time for back in the United States or Canada. What kind of things do you enjoy doing? Do you enjoy reading a book, solving a crossword puzzle, or simply walking on the beach? When you move to Mexico, you will improve your life for the better because you will have more time to do things that you enjoy and love.

Cost of Living is Lower

The cost of living in Mexico is lower than in the United States or Canada. You will actually have more money when you move to Mexico so you can buy things that you were unable to do before. In Mexico, the cost of utilities, rent, and groceries are very low compared to the United States of Canada. You will not be stressing out. A simple move to Mexico will allow you to enjoy things that really matter to you. A simpler life is a quality life. Are you ready to have your life become a higher quality of life? Just moving to Mexico can do that and more.

Affordable Healthcare

In Mexico, quality healthcare is affordable and accessible. Usually, all regular doctor visits will only cost approximately $30-$50 out of pocket, and paying for your prescriptions is a lot cheaper than in the United States, too. You can also purchase private healthcare insurance at an affordable price in Mexico, and there are several governmental healthcare options such as IMSS, ISSSTE, and the Seguro Popular that are all available to expats at a low cost.

Mexico Real Estate Ownership Options

Did you give up your dream of being a homeowner after so many years? You had worked hard but were never able to purchase a home. If you move to Mexico, you will quickly see that your dream of becoming a homeowner can be realized. The real estate options are numerous in Mexico. Expats can purchase real estate in Mexico legally by just creating a trust. You can move to Mexico, and own that dream home that you always wanted.

Are you wanting to live that dream life? A move to Mexico will have you living that dream life. Living in Mexico provides expats with a lifestyle that is much simpler, which give you time to really enjoy your family and friends.

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