Neighborhoods on Banderas Bay

Exclusive Real Estate Neighborhoods on Banderas Bay

Are you searching for a second home or want to make a wise real estate investment in the Banderas Bay area? If you are, then this could be an exciting process for you. There are many exclusive real estate neighborhoods on Banderas Bay that will meet your style and taste. We have provided you with a list of the exclusive real estate neighborhoods on Banderas Bay so you will know the area before you start burning the kilometers. The surrounding areas around Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta are quite diverse and you will quickly see that once you have moved across the border is a fantastic choice.

Exclusive Real Estate Neighborhoods on Banderas Bay

The exclusive real estate neighborhoods on Banderas Bay can be separated into different zone areas, which include the South Shore, the Punta Mita, the Costa Banderas, the La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Bucerias, Flamingos, Nuevo Vallarta, the Marina Vallarta, the Hotel Zone, Centro, Los Muertos, and Conchas Chinas.

Nuevo Vallarta

Just as you cross the Nayarit state border from Puerto Vallarta, north of the International Airport, Nuevo Vallarta is one of the most popular residential neighborhoods for a real estate investment. Nuevo Vallarta was designed and created for those buyers who are searching for exclusive living and privacy. There are plenty of large shade trees and beautiful tropical flowers that cover Nuevo Vallarta, then there are waterways and numerous canals that makes this area perfect for boat lovers. There are private docks that some of the exclusive villas come with and there are canal front houses, condos, and championship golf courses located here in Nuevo Vallarta.

South Shore

This zone area stretches from Conchas Chinas to south Mismaloya, which is known as the South Side or the South Shore. This area is close to the activities located downtown and the area provides seclusion and tranquility. All of the neighborhoods that are located in the South Shore zone are actually the crème de la crème for the Banderas Bay real estate and this would include Mismaloya, El Paredon, the Garza Blanca Real Estate, and Sierra del Mar.

Punta Mita

Punta Mita is located in the northern zone of Banderas Bay. This zone is only about 45 minutes from the Puerto Vallarta International Airport when you take the new four lane highway that was recently constructed. The Punta Mita development is located on 1,500 acres that is exclusive and luxurious. It is bordering the Four Seasons Hotel and the St. Regis Hotels and there is the Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course, which is a 19-hole course. The real estate in this zone range from one million to twenty-five million dollars for high end homes and condos.

Costa Banderas

The Costa Banderas development is located inside of Banderas Bay and it is adjacent to the Punta Mita Resort, which has a shoreline of 7.5 kilometers. Home site parcels along with large sized parcels for development are being sold. The Costa Banderas is a gated community that provides buyers with similar real estate options as Punta Mita. Buyers can purchase homes, condos, and land sites that range in price from $700,000 all the way to eight million dollars.

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle and Bucerias

Bucerias and La Cruz de Huanacaxtle are charming towns that are becoming very popular for residential areas. Buyers can choose from a multi-unit townhouse, free-standing house, or a condominiums as it will depend on what you are wanting to purchase. The price range for real estate starts out around $150,000 up to $1.3 million. La Cruz has a new marina that has 368 boat slips. The once sleepy fishing village of La Cruz is quickly becoming a chic and hip boating community that has fresh and delicious seafood restaurants and fun and exciting activities, and one of the most popular is the Farmer’s Market that is held on Sundays. Bucerias is also been through a make-over and renovating. There are new developments that is occurring on the beach, which include modern condos and beachfront communities that are gated. You will also find traditional beachfront restaurants and cafés, which Bucerias is known for, but modernizing is expected.

Marina Vallarta

Just south of the airport and approximately twenty minute taxi ride from downtown Puerto Vallarta is Marina Vallarta. Marina Vallarta is one of the most exclusive communities in the area as it has a 550 boat slip marina, an 18-hole golf course, exciting nightlife, delightful dining, shopping, and vacation clubs, hotels, and residential properties. You make think you are back in the USA as the Marina environment is very similar, but with a touch of Mexican flair. Real estate buyers select this area because of its amenities, pricing, restaurants, schools, and shops. Real estate prices along with rental income for residential real estate properties are strong and steady and it looks like it will remain that way.

The Hotel Zone

You will know you are in the Hotel Zone when you start to see the cobblestone streets and then it stretches to the southern edge of Marina Vallarta. The Hotel Zone is convenient as all the shops, stores, and restaurants are within walking distance. The Hotel Zone area is almost completely developed, but there are plenty of homes and condos that are for sale within many different price ranges. The real estate properties have the Mexican architectural style and design, which is always appealing to buyers. In 2005, there were two massive residential and commercial projects that were approved and built and they both have been quite successful.

Fluvial, Los Tules, Las Gaviotas, and Versalles

Many middle class buyers are attracted to the Las Gaviotas, Fluvial, Versalles, and Los Tules residential areas. The architecture structures can vary as some are the traditional Mexican style while some are a contemporary style. These areas are located nearby to Costco and Plaza Caracol, which is a popular shopping center that has banking, movie theatres, restaurants, a supermarket, and LANS Department store. The La Isla Shopping Mall is fairly new and is ideal for those that have a higher end taste as it has boutiques, restaurants, and a high-end movie theatre.

El Centro

The Gringo Gulch is a residential area located above downtown. Many foreign buyers are purchasing homes here because Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor lived here. There is no better place to live than El Centro if you are wanting to live in Puerto Vallarta, but you want the feeling of the traditional Mexican village. The first foreign buyers selected this area, which is known as “Gringo Gulch” because of the picturesque views of the bay, Cuale River, and the mountains.

Los Muertos

The ‘Los Muertos’ Zone is located just south of Cuale River and only a ten minute walk from the Malecon. This area has recently went through a redevelopment as there are gift stores and boutiques, restaurants and cafés, art galleries, and Mexican tiendas. Currently in construction is three hundred condominiums. Basilio Badillo is known as ‘restaurant row’, which offers fine dining options. This area offers a less hectic atmosphere than the Malecon area. With this relaxed atmosphere you will see local residents and international tourists moving along doing their daily shopping and errands.

Amapas – Conchas Chinas

The Amapas and Conchas Chinas is one of the most popular and favored real estate areas in Puerto Vallarta as there is exclusivity along with convenience. You will have panoramic views along with your privacy. The growth in this area is limited and there is strict restrictions as well. The price for luxury condos and villas that are exclusive are on the higher priced end. Usually, this area is the first choice for foreign buyers who are wanting to buy a Puerto Vallarta home. From the beach to the winding hills is this entire area. All of the real estate properties are residential homes and many of them are exclusive homes, which is why this is a number one choice for buyers.

If you are wanting to purchase real estate on the North or South Shore or maybe in Downtown Puerto Vallarta, you will have a new life that is a rich and fabulous one. There are many exclusive real estate neighborhoods on Banderas Bay that will fit within your budget and price range, and have the lifestyle that you are wanting.

buying real estate in Riviera Nayarit

What you Should Know when buying real estate in Riviera Nayarit

Are you thinking of buying real estate in Riviera Nayarit? If so we have some tips and hints for you to consider before you dive in head first.

What you should know when buying real estate in Riviera Nayarit.

Closing Process when buying real estate in Riviera Nayarit

The closing process when buying real estate in Riviera Nayarit generally takes 30 to 45 days; paperwork and escrow payments will be coordinated through your real estate office and a local public notary. Closing costs on real estate in Riviera Nayarit are paid by the buyer whilst the seller pays any capital gains tax and real estate fees; buyer and seller need not be present at closing, but may be represented by their sales associated via power of attorney.

Maintaining Your Riviera Nayarit Property

Condominium owners buying real estate in Riviera Nayarit should know that common area maintenance and security is handled by the Condominium Owners Association for each building and paid for by monthly fees. Owners who may be away from their property for any length of time may want to consider a property management company.

Insurance for real estate in Riviera Nayarit

Various types of insurance, including property, damage, earthquake, and liability, are all readily available at a reasonable price in Mexico. All types of policies can be written to pay out claims in US dollars if needs be for real estate in Riviera Nayarit

Taxes on real estate in Riviera Nayarit

Property taxes are fairly low in Riviera Nayarit; known as “predial” the mil rate is 0.08% of the assessed value paid (determined at the time of sale).

Financing for buying real estate in Riviera Nayarit

Real estate purchases in Mexico are generally cash transactions, though mortgages are slowly becoming more common (despite high interest rates). Purchasers do need to provide their own financing, for example equity loans, second mortgages, and personal lines of credit etc.

Real Estate in Riviera Nayarit Rental Potential

In Riviera Nayarit there is a very strong market for rental homes and condos; if you find a quality property which you rent out at a competitive price you can expect to have 70 – 80% occupancy naturally.

Speculation when buying real estate in Riviera Nayarit

Short-term property speculation is not a concept that can really be applied to the real estate market in Mexico; traditionally, buyers are looking for a second home in this area (either for retirement or for vacations) so the market is a bit more stable. If you want noticeable rises in price you should consider buying in the tourist centers.

Mexico Real Estate

Mexico Real Estate Options

There are many Mexico real estate options available. Mexico real estate options can vary from elegant villas that overlook a breathtaking scene or even designing your own home. Mexico is a location that can deliver results for less. Continue to read below about all of the Mexico real estate options that are awaiting you.

Mexico Real Estate Options for you

Single family homes and houses

Usually, the houses in Mexico are two storey’s, though some are much bigger in the cities. A traditional house generally comes with a courtyard to keep everyone cool on those hot summer days that Mexico is known for. The newer homes that are being built in Mexico are more modern and often resemble the homes in North America and in Europe.


If you are not familiar with what a condo is, then it may surprise you to know that a condo or condominium is a unit that is in a large building and can be purchased. When you live in a condo you will see that there are communal areas. A gym or pool is in a communal area and you can use these amenities. The association fees that you pay for your condo will go towards maintaining all communal areas. You are not allowed to make any alterations to the communal areas, but in your condo you have free will at renovating your unit, because you are the sole owner of the condo. More condo options are being offered to buyers in Mexico and a condo is a great real estate investment.


When the word “villa” is used for real estate, it tends to refer to luxurious homes that span a fairly large landmass, usually with some unique outdoor feature, whether it be a pool, numerous outdoor spaces, impressive ocean views. In fact, most villas will boast some kind of view.


A condo-hotel is a generally a high-rise building that has several condo units within the building and these can be purchased just like any other real estate. There are also some suites that are being classified as condo-hotels that are at a luxury resort or hotel that can be purchased as real estate too, which is very similar to purchasing a condo. If you purchase one of these types of condo-hotels unit, then you will be able to enjoy all the amenities of the hotel or resort such as room service or concierge, which is an added bonus to your purchase.

Apartments and flats

An apartment can be rented or purchased and they are a unit in one large building. The style, location, and price may vary as the apartments have a one bedroom up to a five bedroom and you can choose to have the location in a family-friendly neighborhood or right in the middle of the city where all the excitement is. Some of the larger apartments also come with a personal Jacuzzi and a balcony too.

Build Your Own Home

Building your own home is a great possibility in Mexico for real estate options. You can take your design ideas, purchase land, and then start building your own home. After you have purchased land, then you will want to find an experience builder that is dependable too. Let the builder know your design plans and make sure your voice is heard, so you will eliminate any surprises that may cost you more money later. Don’t let the builder sway from the original design plan that you have for your home.

New Life in Mexico

A Fabulous New Life in Mexico

A new job opportunity or a major life change can open up a high chance of experiencing a fabulous new life in Mexico. But uncertainties and challenges may show themselves along the way and the process of moving to a new country can take some time. As you overcome these obstacles, you will gain the rewards of the transition and more benefits will arise. Gain more positive results by considering the following attitudes and behaviors to make your new life in Mexico not only comfortable but fabulous.

Open-minded and Patient

Like any life-changing moves, resettling into a new country like Mexico requires an open mind, at least while you are getting to grips with the culture. Never give in to comparison or resentment once difficulties arise. While you are getting into your new life in Mexico, accept things as they happen. These challenges only happen for the time being. Being patient will keep you through things instead of getting easily angered or irritated. A soft approach, especially when you are a foreigner, usually will give you better results.

Eager to Learn

The Spanish language is one of the easiest languages to learn. You can have more confidence and better chances of increasing your transitioning phase in your new life in Mexico if you learn even the basic of the language. Communicating with people around you will also improve your networking group. You can use many online and app options to learn the language or you can take affordable Spanish lessons through classes or groups.


Having a plan is a great anchor to keep you through the storms of starting a new life in Mexico or in any country. A flexible plan should not take over your whole life but should serve as a guide and a progress tracker. Your goals will give you the right perspectives when times get tough or there are moments you are not sure what to do. Allow your plan to include other opportunities such as other matters that may fall into your task of getting to know the country, customs, and the requirements of your new job. Plan to have your plan ready for revision and a continuous work in progress. Plan to make your plan flexible and open to changes.


Making new friends at work in your new job, joining a gym, or meeting people at your kids’ school are great ways to start your networking. Socializing will be one of your first tasks when you arrive in Mexico. Facebook and other social media can also help you connect with new people and with fellow expats. Here, you can share your stories or pieces of advice for your fabulous new life in Mexico.

Financially Prepared

Even if you are moving to Mexico for a new job opportunity or with a retirement fund, having extra money to tide you over is important. It will always be more expensive arriving and settling into a new location than what you have first envisioned. You will, at first, spend time and money finding your ideal car workshop, right plumber, and rental agents. Socializing will also eat some of your budget as you start forming your new base of friends. When things don’t go as planned, being financially prepared will help you remain calm and confident. An emergency fund will help take these fears away.

Please share with us your tips or any advice about making a fabulous new life Mexico.

New Life in Mexico

Crafting a Great New Life in Mexico

When looking for better job opportunities or a major life change, you will have to consider several things. The experience can be very daunting and adjusting to several aspects of your new life can be stressful and time-consuming. You also have to consider how well you can cope with uncertainty. Crafting a new life in Mexico will be more fruitful when you use the right methods during the transition time. Make the change more comfortable with these simple and reliable tips:

Have a Flexible Plan

Starting a new life in Mexico or in any other country depends on the planning and preparation. A plan serves as your guide and keeps you focused when things get rough or rocky. It will help you track your development towards your goals. When you have a plan, see to it that you are open to other opportunities and do not be too rigid with your plan. Each endeavor must start with a plan, but even the plan has to keep evolving as you become more familiar with the country, the lifestyle, and the requirements of your new job. Plans should always be a work in progress and accept that making changes to your plan is part of the plan.

Socialize regularly

Upon arriving, honing your social skills through networking is another important task. Start making new friends in your new job, join a gym, meet people at your kids’ school, join a club, etc. Social media like Facebook groups can also help you get connected with other expats to share experiences and knowledge about your new life in Mexico.

Set Aside Money

Getting settled into a new location means more expenses than you have first envisioned. Setting aside enough money to get you through is essential even when you are moving to Mexico for a new job position or with a retirement fund. You will have to spend money and effort finding the ideal plumber, car workshop, rental agent, etc. Acquiring new friends through socializing will also require some budget. When things get out of hand, your emergency fund will help take away those fears and keep you calm.

Be Patient and Understanding (with yourself and others)

While you are getting to grips with the culture your new life in Mexico will require you to have an open mind. At least for the time being, learn to accept things as they run. Never compare your present home with the former country you left behind. Being patient is the number one rule. Getting impatient and angry will not help. A soft approach often gets better results, especially for you as a foreigner.

Learn a New Language

Not only will learning a new language open up new opportunities to expand your networking group immensely, it will also help you improve your chances of being successful in your new life in Mexico. Learning Spanish should not a burden since it is one of the easiest languages to learn. You also don’t need to become fluent to make a difference. Better communication is a result of even learning just the basic. There are many groups and affordable classes where you can take Spanish lessons along with several online and app options.

Do you have any other great pieces of advice to share on how to craft a great new life in Mexico? Please share your tips.