Plastic or Cash

Plastic or Cash?

Plastic or cash is the common question that is being asked by people who are thinking about moving to Mexico to live or take a vacation. Cash in notes and coins is always a favorite choice in Mexico although many of the western countries in the North American and in Europe are using less cash. Cash is still the most preferred and popular way to pay for food, goods, and services in Mexico no matter that the major move is going towards credit and debit cards along with internet banking.

Plastic or Cash in Mexico?

Credit and debit cards are currently being used all over in Mexico by most middle-class people in Mexico with many working class people starting to use plastic cards more. Nearly half the people and households in Mexico today don’t have a current bank account, and they depend on Mexico’s cash-based environment for all their purchases. Recently, internet banking is starting to be used. Not too long ago, the Bank of Mexico did an underlying study that revealed that a large majority of the people in Mexico that have a debit card are only using the debit card to draw out their paycheck at a local ATM to then use cash, which clearly states that the form of payment in Mexico that is often preferred and widely used is cash.

Credit and Debit Card Payments in Mexico

All of the main supermarket and grocery stores, department stores, the stores at the malls, popular restaurants in the larger towns and cities, well-known car dealerships, furniture stores, technology and electrical stores, popular food and beverage chains (such as Starbucks and McDonald’s), the bus companies, travel agencies, professional providers (such as dentists, doctors, and attorneys), and all major businesses that do business with the middle and upper classes accept credit and debit card payments. These businesses also accept smartphone payments too. The mobile phone companies allow their customers with pre-pay phone services to pay with a credit or debit card at their stores, online, or paying on their smartphone.

Cash Only Payments in Mexico

There are many places that only accept cash for their payments in Mexico such as many independent convenience stores, open markets, street cabs that are independent, shoe shine stalls on the streets, ambulant vendors, street food trucks, corner newspaper vendors, smaller shops, smaller boutiques, and paying for your personal help such as your housekeepers, gardeners, and pool maintenance workers. Electricians, carpenters, and plumbers are a few trades that will accept cashless payments, but these payments are generally a money transfer to a local bank, but if any of these trades are doing a routine job for you such as fixing a leak, then they will only accept a cash payment.

Souvenirs on Vacation

When you are touring a city while on vacation in Mexico, then you will need to have cash for any local transportation that you use or to purchase any souvenirs from street vendors or stores that are locally owned.

Tipping in Mexico

Cash is essential and needed when you are going to be tipping in Mexico. When you are leaving a tip, then the cash should be preferably in the form of pesos. If you are vacationing on a tour package and the majority of your vacation will be spent at the resort, then you may not need to have a lot of cash as there are only a few times that you will need to have cash.

Plastic or cash in Mexico? As you can see, there are places that you will need to pay for goods and services with cash while other places will only accept debit or credit cards.

Hurricane Patricia the strongest in the history

Mexico’s Hurricane Season

Mexico’s hurricane season usually occurs during the summer months when the temperatures will reach their highest in the northern hemisphere. Mexico has been affected by some of the most powerful hurricanes although very infrequently. These forceful storms are born over the ocean waters, then slowly they start to gain strength, then some of them will make an appearance on land, and this usually occurs on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, Yucatan Peninsula, and the Gulf of Mexico shores.

What is a Hurricane?

A hurricane is a natural phenomenon that is very unpredictable. A hurricane’s proper term and name is a Tropical Cyclone due to the fact that a hurricane is a cyclone of powerful sustained wind speeds of at least 74 miles per hour, rising to over 300 miles per hour, which is very intense. Once the tropical storm starts to move across the sea, it starts gaining energy, power, and force, which will evaporate once the tropical storm passes over the land. Hurricanes are known to cause devastating damage to homes, structures, and property on the coastline where the hurricane first arrives on the land, then as it starts heading inland the hurricane will dump inches and inches of drenching rains.

Hurricane Patricia the strongest in the history

Hurricane Patricia 2015 – Image From

Mexico’s Hurricane Season

Mexico’s hurricane season can arrive at any time from the latter of spring to the latter of autumn. In the most recent years, hurricanes began appearing in the latter months of summer and early months of autumn. It is nearly impossible to actually predict when a hurricane will appear, how often hurricanes will come in Mexico’s hurricane season, and how powerful the hurricane may be or how many will hit land. Hurricane and tropical storms are most popular between July thru October in Mexico as these are the hottest months of the year. September and October months are the most active hurricane months in Mexico. From November and on the hurricane storms are rare as these months are cooler.

How do hurricanes affect Mexico’s top destinations

Thankfully, with weather monitoring systems and communication having become much more sophisticated, and the construction of modern buildings meeting hurricane safety standards, the risk to human life has decreased greatly in recent years in the event of a hurricane. Nevertheless, the strongest hurricanes still tend to cause extensive widespread damage to properties and bring about disruption to power supplies, communication systems, and transport systems.

How to prepare for a hurricane

Hurricane affected areas where people live and work are accustomed to the hurricane activities and they know the procedure to be prepared for them. Homes and hotels that have been built in the last few years in Mexico are built and designed to withstand earthquakes, storms, and hurricanes, but unfortunately, none are totally immune to the forces of nature, and thankfully the construction methods that are being used with the modern structures have lowered the risks significantly.

Insurance against hurricanes

Along Mexico’s coasts, homeowners can insure themselves against loss and physical damage when they live in storm areas. Residents and visitors can prepare themselves and even evacuate if needed with the fore-warning systems that is provided in Mexico. Be sure to check your insurance policy.

Historic Hurricanes in Mexico

A few of the most historic hurricanes in Mexico in the past years include:

Hurricane Wilma:
Wilma struck the Yucatan Peninsula in 2005. There was widespread damage to Cancun and environs, although the number of casualties was low.
Hurricane Patricia:
Patricia hit the Pacific Coast in Mexico in October of 2015. Meteorologists described Patricia as ‘the strongest storm ever’ but it caused relatively little damage in comparison to predictions as the storm’s power decreased rapidly upon landfall owing to the mountain range that protects the Pacific Coast.
Hurricane Kenna:
Kenna hit the Pacific Coast in 2002 and caused major flooding to the Banderas Bay. There was four deaths and widespread damages when Patricia hit the San Blas area.
Puerto Vallarta Real Estate For Weekend Getaways

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate For Weekend Getaways

If you are thinking about buying a home in Mexico as an investment in your future vacations then you need look no further than Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta. It may seem idealistic to think that you could own your own home abroad what with the cost and complexities that such an investment brings, but there are some things you can do to make this a little less stressful and a little more feasible.

Owning a home with a resort such as Villa La Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta is one thing you can do to make it simpler. Puerto Vallarta can become a great option when looking for real estate for weekend getaways, even if you live abroad. Take a look at some of the reasons as to why you should consider Puerto Vallarta as the destination for your vacation home:

Short Travel Time to Puerto Vallarta
If you live in a US city near Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Laredo, and Phoenix you can expect to be in Puerto Vallarta within 1 to 3 hours, and though it’s slightly longer if you stay further north in New York or Toronto, direct flights still give you enough time to get the most out of a weekend away. Puerto Vallarta real estate for weekend getaways can be a viable option even when you live in the USA.
National Owners
Reals estate for weekend getaways is a particularly great choice for national owners. Puerto Vallarta is not only a tourist hotspot for international visitors, but it’s a real favorite with Mexican nationals too! It’s common for people to make the 4.5 hour drive from Guadalajara to have a weekend away, and you even get city dwellers from Mexico City, Tijuana, Monterrey, Queretaro, and Leon coming to this coastal city for some down time.
Homeowners Association
You could be forgiven for thinking that trying to maintain a second home so far from your main residence, but the Villa La Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta makes it easy to own property in Mexico and use it as a weekend getaway. The homeowners association makes sure that all common spaces are kept in good working order, and there’s even a maid service which you can employ to keep your home tidy and clean whilst you’re away.
On-site Security Provides Peace of Mind
The Villa La Estancia real estate options found Puerto Vallarta have all the most up to date security features, and benefits from 24/7 on-site security. This gated community takes your safety and peace of mind seriously! You can sleep soundly, and travel without worry when you own property here.
Rent out your real estate
The waterfront setting offered by Villa La Estancia properties is quite remarkable, and because of it’s beauty the real estate here is considered very desirable and valuable. This means that any weekend getaway home you buy here could give you real returns in terms of vacation rentals too. The plentiful dining and shopping options along with the many family friendly attractions in the area make it perfect for people of all ages and persuasions.

Better still, the villa La Estancia offers property managers to those who wish to leave the details of letting out their property to someone more knowledgeable than themselves. So, really, your vacation let can make you money, give you joy, and do it all without you needing to stress about it!