Tap Water in Mexico

Drinking the Tap Water in Mexico?

Water is a great resource in Mexico which can be available both through the tap or by the bottle. Locals might have differing statements whether their tap water is potable or not. The accurate response would depend on the location of the tap water. Some tap water may be safe for drinking while others may not be ideal even for bathing.

Public water systems

Most cities and towns in Mexico have good public water systems. Local residents are mostly satisfied with their tap water as their main source of drinking water. It is still important to remember that not all place has a safe and potable water which is why taking bottled or filtered water with you as you explore this country is essential.

How does water arrive

There are three water delivery systems in Mexico through which homes may have access to clean drinking water. These are through the mains-feed, a communal feed from the local water springs, or a combination of local water delivery by truck and rain collection. The mains-feed provide water to most urban towns and cities, while those on the outskirts of the cities receive water through the communally-run system. Other practical owners would collect rainwater during the rainy months and combine this with water deliveries from trucks. There are also home where owners have put up their own filtration systems and the water is dispensed separately.

Bottled water

If your place of residence does not have this system, there are plenty of sources to get bottled water. Most of these waters range in sizes from hand-sized bottles to 20-liter containers or “Garrafon” in Mexico. You can buy these bottled waters from street traders, supermarkets, local convenience stores, pharmacies, and even water delivery companies. These water delivery companies sell bottled waters in 20-liter containers and provide potable waters to factories, offices, and homes.

Water provision in hotels

All hotels offer purified water in at least a bottle per customer. Customer services can provide extra bottles for each day without extra charge. If you are living in a large hotel or some upscale smaller hotels, most of these have their own purification systems installed at their properties. Dining in a restaurant can provide you with a complimentary glass of water which may come from a bottle or a filtration system or they may simply offer you a bottled water.

If you have your own property in Mexico, it is ideal to have a three-way filter system in your residential are for a steady supply of drinking water. If not, you can easily purchase those large 20-liter garrafones which most Mexicans are doing.

Real Estate Investments

Real Estate Investments

In the past, the stock market has always been the number one choice for North American investors as they have trusted the stock market with their hard earned income, but lately there are clear signs that this is changing to real estate investments due to the continued uncertainty of the global economy, which is why people are searching for secure investment choices.

Secure investments

One secure investment that you can feel and visibly see is a real estate investment. It is becoming very clear that the real estate market is a safer investment than the stock market for many different reasons, but only if you purchase property that is in a region that will grow and generally in these areas the property will be affordable. Many times when one invests in real estate they are required to put a large down payment for the property, but the returns is very positive and real estate investment properties are for smart buyers who are wanting a property that will provide income and these type of properties would include; apartment buildings, vacation homes, retail properties, and multi-family buildings.

How to invest in real estate

There are a few different ways that you can invest in real estate as you can purchase a (REIT and FIBRA) real estate investment fund or you can purchase a private home, vacation home for rentals, retail locations, office spaces, and apartment buildings. As you can see real estate investments options are endless.

By just glancing, one may think that the stock exchange is the better investment for people over real estate investments, but once inflation is added in along with the cash flow that you would receive annually with the real estate property investment, then it is crystal clear that the better investment opportunity is with real estate investments. One should also consider the appreciation on the real estate as with it you will be earning money every year just by being the owner. One excellent real estate investment is purchasing real estate in locations that is not fully developed, but on the way to emerging, and doing this will provide an immediate appreciation when the location is fully developed. Another excellent real estate investment is purchasing properties that will provide you with income as this is a large return on your real estate investment. Vacation homes and multiunit apartment buildings are two types of properties that you will receive a large return and income for your investment.
Real Estate Investments vs. Stock Market

Here are just a few of the top reasons why real estate investments are better than the stock market:

  • Larger Control Personally
  • Many Advantages with Taxes
  • Real Estate Investments are Secure and Stable
  • Easy to Analyze
  • The Property is Yours to Use

As you can see, real estate investments are the better option over the stock market and it doesn’t matter how old you are. You will receive a constant return and income that is secure, safe, and steady. Real estate investments will always be a safer choice for many, many years and if you select a property that produces income in an up and coming area, then your investment could triple.

Notaries in Mexico

Notaries in Mexico

In Mexico, the office of a Notary Public has more responsibilities legally than the United States Notary Public, and this legal responsibility should never be confused with the United States counterpart. For example, in the United States just about anyone who wishes and carries out the right training can become a Notary Public, but in Mexico this role is only granted to attorneys who have extensive experience and the state’s Governor must assess and appoint the Notary Public.

Notaries in Mexico

The Notaries in Mexico has power as they can witness and certify all civil documents, business documents that require authenticity. The Notaries in Mexico also has the responsibility to secure storage of all original legal documents and records and the management of these documents. All Notaries in Mexico must be thirty-five years old, a citizen, have a law degree, and have three years Notary Public office experience. They also must pass an exam that is stringent. Those individuals who successfully qualify and pass the exam are in time appointed by the office of the state Governor as a Notary Public.

Notaries for real estate

Many real estate buyers will hire attorneys to look over and oversee their real estate transaction in Mexico, but the Notary Public is the only one with the actual legal power to process the papers and to make sure that the title is legal, then passed to the buyer from the seller of the property. You can easily avoid attorney fees, unless you see that there are complications, then you should consult with an attorney about the transaction, or some buyers only feel comfortable when they hire an attorney.

The most important official when buying property

The Notary Public is the most important and valuable legal person that you will deal with when you purchase real estate as an investment in Mexico, even if you have hired an attorney. Currently, under the Mexican Law, the property deed must always be prepared, then processed by a Notary Public. It is your legal right as the buyer to select the Notary Public, and your first call should be to the Notary Public after you have agreed to the amount of the real estate property. The Notary Public will make sure that all the documents and permits are correct and in order, so that the real estate transaction can proceed, and doing this will ensure that the property title has been transferred successfully. The Notary Public will also let you know if there are any legal issues or liabilities that may arise with your real estate purchase.


Many buyers will be referred to the Notary Public that the real estate agency has used in the past. A trustworthy and well-established real estate agent will always have a good working relationships with many legal professionals in their region, and throughout the Notaries in Mexico community. If the real estate agent has not recommended a Notary Public, then you can ask local friends or family members, but looking on the directory is recommended, which is Collegiate Website for Notary Publics in Mexico. If you are currently a buyer in a real estate transaction, then it is your choice on which Notary Public that you select. It is recommended that you select a Notary Public that does not have any of the seller’s influence when you select your Notary Public.

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Riviera Nayarit Real Estate Villa La Estancia - Deluxe Superior room

Riviera Nayarit Real Estate: Villa La Estancia

Close to the Puerto Vallarta’s International Airport is the ideal place for prime real estate in Mexico, and that is Riviera Nayarit. There is no doubt at all that Villa La Estancia is the perfect choice for those who have the distinct taste of sophistication and luxury on the beach.

Riviera Nayarit Real Estate: Villa La Estancia

Villa La Estancia is perfectly located in Nuevo Vallarta and it is situated between Punta Mita and Puerto Vallarta and it is on the Banderas Bay. Riviera Nayarit real estate at the Villa La Estancia is one of the best real estate opportunities and investments as it is located on a swimming beach that stretches as far as the eye can see north and south. Buyers can choose a full or fractional ownership that comes with 5 Star amenities and services for those individuals that are used to lavish lifestyles and searching for a setting that is laid back and relaxed.

Riviera Nayarit Real Estate at Villa La Estancia

A tranquil setting, world-class services, and a sophisticated style is what the Villa La Estancia is celebrated for. The Riviera Nayarit Real Estate at the Villa La Estancia allows dreams to become a reality for those wanting to purchase prime property in Mexico. The villa comes with an elegant hacienda décor and style that will make a splash with all your friends who want to come and spend time with you at your beautiful home located by the sea. Who knows, your friends may want to be a part of purchasing Riviera Nayarit real estate at the Villa La Estancia too. Take a moment and just imagine the spectacular scene when you arrive at your very own private beachfront property located in Riviera Nayarit where you will be immediately greeted by name from the staff as they welcome you home again.

The Villas at Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit

At the Villa La Estancia the villas include penthouses, and 2 and 3 bedrooms. Each of the villas are designed and decorated with a colonial and hacienda style that is sophisticated and elegant. Each of the villas come with maple cabinets, marble floors, and steel appliances along with private whirlpool tubs and walk-in closets. Each detail and feature has been added to the villas at the Villa La Estancia.

Riviera Nayarit Prime Real Estate

Riviera Nayarit real estate becoming the choice for many more people each day. The Villa La Estancia can be a first home or a vacation home. Due to the climate being wonderful, the cost of living is low, the cuisine is delicious, and all of the residents are welcoming and friendly, because Riviera Nayarit, Mexico is becoming the most sought out locations for retirement.

Vacation Rentals in Mexico

Real Estate for Vacation Rentals in Mexico

There are plenty of real estate opportunities available for prime locations in Mexico that include Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun in case you think that you have missed out on an amazing real estate opportunity. For foreigners it is easy to invest in real estate for vacation rentals in Mexico, especially now that there are websites, which include Craigslist and Airbnb where vacation rental properties are advertised.

Real Estate for Vacation Rentals in Mexico Investing

Today, foreigners can easily purchase real estate throughout Mexico even though there may be different regulations on buying property that is located in the restricted zones (50km from the coast and 100km from the border). After you have bought Mexican real estate you can start the task of letting the real estate work for you by renting it out short term or long term. Investing in vacation rentals are very popular for vacationers in Mexico and the demand is only increasing yearly. Last year there was an increase of 9% in the real estate industry for the best destinations in Mexico, and the occupancy rates are only increasing in these areas as well.

Vacation Rental Income in Mexico

Why purchase Mexican real estate for vacation rentals? One of the main reasons is the great income that you will receive. Once you have purchased Mexican real estate for vacation rentals you can advertise the rentals in Mexico at US rates, which means you will receive a stable income at a premium price, especially if you plan on renting your vacation rentals during the peak season, which in Mexico is during the winter months. You will be charging the rental in US dollars, but your maintenance, expenses, and all running costs can be paid in Mexican pesos, which means you will make a great return, even if the property appreciation is considered throughout the years.

Paying Income Tax on your Vacation Rentals in Mexico

During the past few years, any income from vacation rentals in Mexico often went unnoticed, but the new tax laws state that all property owners and investors must pay taxes on any income received from vacation rentals. You should always consult with a tax attorney in Mexico, so that you don’t get in any trouble with the law for not paying tax on vacation rentals in Mexico.

Real Estate Property that You Can Use

The real estate property that you purchase is an investment, but it is also a vacation property that you can use too. You will have an amazing vacation property in Mexico available for you that is your very own. One good thing about purchasing real estate property in Mexico is you can rent it out and get the extra income along with having a great vacation property that you can use too. Real estate for vacation rentals in Mexico is a great investment for foreigners.