Baby Boomers and Real Estate in Mexico

Baby Boomers and Real Estate in Mexico

The term ‘baby boomer’ has become popular to describe babies that were born in the years of 1946 thru 1964. Today, the majority of these babies are already at retirement age, having benefited from a relatively secure economy. With time on their hands and an empty nest, many baby boomers are looking towards what they will do with the rest of their lives, which is where real estate in Mexico comes into the mix.

What challenges do baby boomers face?

The main challenges that baby boomers face is making a fixed income match their lifestyle goals while filling their time with inspiring activities to keep them active and young at heart. One of the ways that a number of North American baby boomers have faced these challenges is by purchasing real estate in Mexico.

Baby Boomers and Real Estate in Mexico

Many retirees find themselves on fixed incomes, no longer enjoying so much disposable cash as they did before. As living costs continue to rise all over the world, our dollars stretch less and less. Rising property taxes, groceries, healthcare and heating bills are just some of the ways that pensions become limiting for many baby boomers. In order to make their money stretch further, many people are now looking to relocate to Mexico just to simplify their lifestyles and reduce outgoings.

Life is more affordable in Mexico

Many baby boomers are now looking for a place to live where the bills are cheaper and lower, so their income can be stretched further. Mexico offers many attractive options for baby boomers, because the taxes on property are lower and the overall maintenance costs for homes are just a small fraction of what they are in Europe, Canada, and in the United States. All living costs in Mexico are considerably lower than many places around the world. Besides, real estate in Mexico is also affordable and ideal for downsizing or second home.

Luxury Downsizing

However, not all baby boomers are counting their pennies. Those who have a large family home, having worked hard and spent the majority of their lives paying off their mortgage, may consider to downsize in order to purchase a vacation property so that they can live the winters in a warmer climate. By downsizing in their hometown, these baby boomers can enjoy a home overseas too by investing in real estate in Mexico. Some baby boomers choose to break completely with their old life, opting to move permanently to Mexico.

Why Mexico Real Estate?

Mexico is a popular place for retirement amongst Americans and Canadians. Not only does Mexico have the best climate year round, it also has great, affordable healthcare, many amenities, and the best proximity to Canada and the United States with handy direct flights. The real estate in Mexico is also highly affordable and you will get a lot more for your dollars with money left over too for those luxuries you deserve in your retirement.

Mexico’s Feathered Foreign Residents

Mexico’s Feathered Foreign Residents

If you are a foreign resident looking to make Mexico your second home, you are not alone. According to an article at, Mexico is the second home to over 350 species of migratory birds. While you might be looking for a warm winter retreat, many of these birds are heading to Mexico for mating!

Mexico’s Feathered Foreign Residents

Migration amongst birds is common, and more than 350 types of birds, with millions of years of evolution behind them, make sure they arrive to their second home in Mexico each year. Most of these birds migrate south from various parts of the United States of Canada, enjoying the warmer winter climates that Mexico offers.

Birds Form Part of Mexico’s Heritage

The article at suggests that Mexico has a deep relationship with birds, which it has kept since pre-Hispanic times through song, stories and art. Even when you look at the Mexican flag, the symbol of the republic is that of a eagle sat on a nopal cactus eating a serpent.

Domestic and Foreign Residents

According to migratory birds in Mexico can be divided into four general types: snowbirds (winter residents), summer residents, those in transit, and migrants that join resident populations.


Just as Mexico affectionately calls the people who live in Mexico during the winter months, snowbirds are those that come for winter. A good example is the golden cheeked warbler of Texas, and there are around 200 other bird species.

Summer Residents

Summer is less popular than winter with only around 30 species of birds that spend summer in Mexico, like the lucifer hummingbird. These birds tend to prefer to spend winter even further south.

Birds In transit

There are another 35 species that tend to mate in northern Mexico then head to Central and South America. For example, the pectoral sandpiper (Calidris melantos) does its breeding in Alaska and Northern Canada, passing Mexico to spend winter in South America.

Migratory Birds that Join Year Round Residents

A less well known category of migrant birds are those that migrate to join residents that spend the whole year in Mexico. There are around 140 such species, including diver birds that do this.

Mexico’s Role in Migration

Mexico is one of the most important counties when its comes to migratory birds as it acts like a funnel allowing passage to Central and South America. As such, Mexico has a responsibility to protect its forests and popular sites for migratory birds so as to protect its foreign residents, no matter how temporary their stay.

Puerto Vallarta is Safe

Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta is Safe

Your safety and that of your family is most likely your No.1 priority when choosing a place to live, which is why you will be happy to read that Puerto Vallarta is one of the safest places to live and visit in Mexico; and certainly much safer than any big city in the USA or Canada! Despite the hyped news you will watch that depicts Mexico as a country plagued by violence and insecurity, the reality in the country’s top tourist destinations like Puerto Vallarta, Cabos San Lucas and Cancun is that life in these places is probably way safer for you than living in your home town!

Puerto Vallarta is Safe

Two separate surveys recently carried out in the City of Puerto Vallarta, located on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, suggests that Puerto Vallarta is considered amongst its visitors to be a safe environment. Both the Municipal Secretary for Tourism and the National Public Urban Security Survey (ENSU) released survey results that provide an insight into how safe Puerto Vallarta actually is.

What did the results show?

The survey results from studies carried out in March and April by ENSU and the Municipal Secretary for Tourism respectively confirm what most people expected: visitors feel very safe in Puerto Vallarta. The surveys targeted tourists and residents in Puerto Vallarta, inquiring about the perceived levels of safety enjoyed in Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay.

Municipal Secretary for Tourism

The Municipal Secretary for Tourism took time during the recent Easter vacations in Puerto Vallarta to carry out a large scale survey that asked more than 2000 people questions related to their wellbeing and safety in Puerto Vallarta. The goal was to ascertain just how safe tourists considered the famed tourist spot of Puerto Vallarta to be. In order to obtain results that were more reflective of the whole experience enjoyed by tourists, the surveys concentrated on asking questions of visitors who had already spent quite a few days in Puerto Vallarta when they were coming to the end of their stay. That way, visitors had passed enough time in the city to be able to give a realistic response to the survey.


The surveys carried out by ENSU were focused on general levels of safety in Puerto Vallarta according to residents. Because this was a national survey, the results were also compared to other cities in Mexico. The outcome was that Puerto Vallarta is one of the safest locations in the country. The ENSU survey looked at a variety of issues including safety when using ATMs and banks, using public transport and being out on the streets during the day and night.

Do you agree that Puerto Vallarta is one of the safest places in Mexico? Leave your comments and tell us why!

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