Simple Living in Mexico

Simple Living in Mexico

Simple living in Mexico is an added attraction for foreign residents moving to Mexico. One of the most popular statements from foreigners that relocate to Mexico say that they are looking for a simple lifestyle. When people move to Mexico they often reflect on their decision and they immediately discover that their lifestyle back in their country was very expensive and way more than they even realized. A simple lifestyle is reducing the cost of living. If you move to Mexico and you want to live a luxurious life, then you will spend more time in Mexico than your own country, because the lifestyle that you can have in Mexico comes with added benefits and attractions, but at a much lower cost.

Your Priorities Change

Simple living in Mexico will have you changing your priorities to where what matters most in your life is having a healthy body and mind, switching your work schedule, and having a new space that you can enjoy with your friends and family. After you have done this you will have less stress and clutter in your life and your quality of life will be simple, but you won’t be poor. The people that are soon to be retiring or are retired are relocating to Mexico, because modern technology and the internet allows working professionals to work and live in Mexico.

Affordable Living

Working age people are relocating to Mexico due to their many variety of attractions. Soon to be retired people are moving to Mexico too and Mexico is becoming the most popular choice over any other country for retirees. The land and home costs are affordable in Mexico and are much more affordable than in Western Europe, Canada, and the United States.

Lower living costs in Mexico

Finances are the cornerstone for why people are considering to relocate to Mexico. Lower living costs adds to more income for working aged people and for those on a fixed income and those retired the added income from the lower living costs allows them to live a much lavished lifestyle. The lower living costs in Mexico will allow your income to be more and to stretch further. Remember, your lifestyle choices will determine your actual living costs in Mexico. Simple living in Mexico is the main reason working age people and retirees are relocating to Mexico. You can live a much better life for a fraction of the cost if you relocate to Mexico.

Need to Know about Title Insurance

What you Need to Know about Title Insurance

For most people their home is the biggest and most serious investment which they will make, and it is only natural to want some protection for this investment. Over half of all real estate purchases experience problems somewhere down the line, whether it be in the chain of title transference, or previous owners debts; title insurance can protect you and your investment from such problems.

What does the term title insurance mean?

Title insurance is much like any other insurance policy except it does not cover you for future hazards. This insurance covers you, the seller, and the lender against damages and issues which were already in existence at the time of purchase.

What does title insurance protect you against?

Title insurance, for just one premium, protect against breaks in the transference of titles, liens, defects in the property title, encumbrances, another person claiming ownership, improperly recorded documents, fraud, forgery, encroachments, and easements. Much like other forms of insurance it all depends upon what you include in your policy.

Title insurance protects you, your lenders, and the seller against the issues and costs than come with such issues. When you consider all this it is very clear that while this insurance is not a necessity for real estate purchase it is very smart to consider it!

How does it work, then?

A notary, title agent, or your attorney can start a title search from the moment that an offer is made on any property, and they will prepare a preliminary report for you to consider and approve. If you decide to go ahead and confirm the report demands will be paid and fund disbursed before the actual policy is created. Once the policy has been created you know that your property (and your investment) is safe.

We would highly recommend that you consider title insurance when you’re thinking of investing in a property.

Punta Mita Mexico - Real Estate Opportunities

Punta Mita Mexico – Real Estate Opportunities

The northern end of the fabulous Bay of Banderas is a favorite getaway spot for celebrities and for those wanting to have an escape from everyday lives. Punta Mita is one of the most gorgeous settings in the world making it an ideal choice for your next travel itinerary or indeed real estate purchase.

Real Estate Opportunities in Punta Mita

Considered to be a sacred place to reconnect with nature by the native peoples who have populated the area for millennia, Punta Mita is one of the most beautiful places on Banderas Bay. The region is also known for its amazing amenities and activities like a world-class golf course, high-end resorts with fine-dining areas with the peaceful, transparent waters around. A vibrant art scene, outdoor tours, and sports activities will keep your days full.

Why choose Punta Mita for real estate

Here are some reasons why Punta Mita is a great choice when thinking about purchasing real estate in Mexico.

World-Class Golf Course

Golf enthusiasts, professional golfers, and even golf magazines flock on Punta Mita’s turf being awarded with two Jack Nicklaus design grants. The Pacifico is the very first golf course in Punta Mita which opened in 1999 and ever since is the most famous and most popular in the region. The surrounding views and its unique design will leave you breathless. No wonder it has won numerous awards and innumerable praises in the world of golf.

Calm Beaches

An incredible setting for the perfect beach day is what the sandy beaches embraced by calm and inviting waters offer. Even with that, exciting water activities are waiting for the extreme adventure lovers. You can enjoy stand up paddle-boarding or surfing among the gentle waves. If you prefer a more laid back vacation, the place is perfect for a beach lounge and enjoyable sights and sounds will surround you. Whatever preference you have, there is always an amazing thing for you to do.

Fine Dining

The culinary scene of neighboring Puerto Vallarta may seem more attractive due to its size, but Punta Mita’s ever-increasing pro-foodie environment offers everything from local favorites like street tacos to high-end gourmet meals. Don’t miss out on the wide array of fresh local seafoods! The dining options make real estate in Punta Mita a great choice.

Varied Adventures

Punta Mita’s natural wonder is the result of the magnificent meeting of the Bay of Banderas waters and the Pacific Ocean. The place becomes a natural aquatic retreat home for water sports and other water adventures. Aside from whale watching, sailing, swimming, and other activities, the best things to do are scuba diving and snorkeling where you can have breath-taking views of the coral reefs, have a chance at a trophy fish through sport fishing and even learn how to surf, among many others!