Fractional Real Estate at Villa La Estancia

Fractional Real Estate at Villa La Estancia

The process is very easy to purchase fractional real estate at Villa La Estancia in Cabo San Lucas and the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico. This real estate option brings 3rd parties that are not related to co-own their very own second home, which is the same as what friends, families, and coworkers have done for years and years with other luxury products. Fractional real estate ownership at Villa La Estancia is shared ownership of a property with another party, who is also an owner with the same property. The property is equally divided into fractions, which is where the name comes, which are for ⅛ or ¼ fractions for ever.

What’s the difference between fractional ownership and traditional real estate?

Fractional real estate at Villa La Estancia will give you access to the same amenities, beautiful property, and the same exact rights and lifestyle as if you had purchased traditional real estate, but remember, you will only be paying for the privileges at a fraction of the price, which is affordable. Fractional real estate ownership at Villa La Estancia is the ideal investment for seasonal locals, snowbirds, vacationers, and anyone that loves to travel to get away from it all. The good news is the purchasing flexibility is buyers can purchase the amount of time that they want to spend in their dream home.

Fractional Real Estate Scheduling Process at Villa La Estancia

The fractional real estate scheduling process at Villa La Estancia works quite easily. Buyers will be given a usage schedule for the property at the time of purchase. The fractional usage schedule will automatically rotate each year during your buying season, which is perfect, so the buyers can plan their vacation around their usage schedule. You can use the time that you are scheduled for or you have the option to exchange dates with another owner. You can also exchange your scheduled time with another resort as Villa La Estancia Residences have a Fractional Trade Program that allows buyers to do this.

Affordable Real Estate at Villa La Estancia in Cabo and Riviera Nayarit

Fractional real estate ownership is an affordable option that is hassle-free and allows you to take advantage of using your second home and investment. You will only pay for the time that you will use the property, which is ideal, because nobody wants to pay for a property that just sits empty. Another feature is you are purchasing a second home that may be more elegant, sophisticated, and luxurious than you would of by purchasing a property alone.

Real Estate ownership Simple and Easy

The fractional real estate at Villa La Estancia is simple, easy, and you have the same rights and privileges of owning any other type of real estate. What this boils down to is you have the right to sell your property anytime and at the price you want. You also can leave the property to an heir, or rent the property out, let your friends use the property, and share it with family and friends. Last, but not least you can just escape to the property with your loved one and spend quality time alone.

An Outstanding Investment

The fractional real estate ownership at Villa La Estancia is an outstanding investment. As with any property ownership, if the property raises in value, then your shares with the Villa La Estancia will raise too. Fractional real estate owners can sell their property at any time, which will release the ‘bricks & mortars’ investment and capital growth.

Rental Potential at Villa La Estancia

Villa La Estancia can rent your fractional residence upon request when you are not using the residence. The income that is brought in will be forwarded to you, the owner, and you can use this income to pay any taxes, maintenance fees, or to do with as you like.

Condos Good Investments

Why are Condos Good Investments?

Purchasing a condo is a good investment. In recent years, the majority of people are purchasing condos over a single family residence. Why are condos good investments? If you have been thinking about purchasing a first time home or condo and have been weighing the options, then you will see quickly why purchasing a condo is a great investment. Look below at the top reasons why condos are good investments and may even fit your lifestyle better.

Move In Ready

If you purchase a condo, then you will be purchasing a home that is move in ready. This is ideal for the buyer looking to move right in without much maintenance. Condos are an excellent choice for busy professionals or just not wanting to mess with the time and effort that goes with purchasing a single family home. The less time your waste the better your good investment.

Fewer DIY Projects

If you can’t stand the thought of any DIY projects or you are just not the handy person, then a condo is the perfect fit for you and good investment. There is very little maintenance required with a condo and if there is any it is limited to the interior only. The condo association fees will take care of any projects on the exterior of the condo, so you won’t have to deal with that. Also, there is no yard to upkeep and take care of, so this will save you time and money.

Close Knit Community

Purchasing a single family home will let you meet and know your neighbors, but there are more residents in a condo community, which means the condo community is close knit and your chances will increase. You can meet the community when you are coming and going to work, walking your dog, and getting your mail, which is great if you are social and looking to make new friends.

Save Money on Purchase

A single family residence costs more money than a condo and they often both have the same amount of square feet, in the same area, and in the same condition. You will save money purchasing a condo, which is ideal for those on a budget or first time home buyers. A good investment for first time buyers and retirees looking to downsize.

Added Amenities

The condo communities offer different amenities, but these amenities can make your life a lot more easily and of course more comfortable. Some of the condo communities have resort like amenities that include pools, fitness gyms and centers, and even a party room, so if you had to purchase each of these amenities separately when you purchase a single family home, then you will find the price to be very expensive.


Location is always important to first time buyers and it is good to know that most of the condo properties are located in the best areas, which means you will be living in a wonderful

Nuevo Vallarta Receives Clean Tourist Destination Award

Nuevo Vallarta Receives Clean Tourist Destination Award

Nuevo Vallarta can be found just 20 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, and was recently awarded a certificate for being a “Clean Tourism Destination”. This award, given on May 19th 2016, is the first of its kind to be awarded within Mexico.

FIBBA Compliance – Clean Tourist Destination

Nuevo Vallarta was able to meet the quality requirements for Clean Tourist Destination thanks to FIBBA’s compliance in the fields of waste and water management, and urban infrastructure. Nuevo Vallarta has seen rapid growth within the last three decades, and yet has maintained a better level of urban planning than many cities twice its size. It has gorgeous avenues with lush, well-kept foliage and natural waterways which catch the sun so well. This is a wonderful home away from home for foreigners and nationals alike. When you are here you’ll enjoy a standard of living not found anywhere else.

Nuevo Vallarta is a Clean Tourist Destination

Roberto Sandoval Castañeda, the Governor of Nayarit, proudly accepted the certificate for Clean Tourist Destination from Pacchiano Alamán, the head of SEMARNAT (the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources). Local officials were honored by the acknowledgement the that municipality of Banderas Bay had gone above and beyond the legal requirements by ensuring that sustainable growth was a priority, and by keeping the area impeccably clean.

Why is Nuevo Vallarta so popular?

If you’re yet to explore Nuevo Vallarta, and want to spend an afternoon in the area, or take a vacation here then we have some great suggestions for things to do;

Beach Strolling

Start at the hotel zone and make your way down the beach, all the way to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. Pass by lovely hotels and enjoy walking on hard packed sand and the sound of soft rolling surf. This is a favorite pastime for locals and vacationers.

Boogie or Skim Boarding

The waves in Nuevo Vallarta are perfect for those who want to learn how to boogie board, or who enjoy skim boarding.

Ride a Bike

The gorgeous scenery found in and around Nuevo Vallarta is perfect for leisurely bike rides and intense workouts alike.

Walk the marina’s malecon in Nuevo Vallarta

If you love boating or want to learn how then one of the two marinas in Nuevo Vallarta will do just nicely. Of course you could also just grab a cup of coffee and watch the yachts come and go for a few hours.

Foodies Galore

Nuevo Vallarta is a haven for foodies, and offers tastes unlike anything found elsewhere in Banderas Bay. There are many gourmet options which range from seafood to surf and turf, Mexican to Italian, and the venues range from fine dining to relaxed and casual.

Turtle Season

At the south entrance to Nuevo Vallarta there’s a great seafood restaurant; La Laguna. After your lunch you could throw some bread to the turtles.

Nuevo Vallarta is a place that many return to year on year, and that the residents are proud to call their home. We’d like to offer congratulations to all who contributed to making this area the first celebrated Clean Tourist Destination in Mexico.

Villa La Estancia Fractional Real Estate

Villa La Estancia Fractional Real Estate

Villa La Estancia fractional real estate is a simple concept. Villa La Estancia Residences bring parties together that would not otherwise be related to co-own a second home, which is what many people have been doing for decades joining up with friends and family members to purchase real estate. Villa La Estancia fractional real estate ownership provides people looking to buy a second home in Mexico a property that is shared ownership with other partner owners. Fractions of ⅛ or ¼ shares are divided per year, for a lifetime and available in Cabo San Lucas and the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico.

Fraction of the cost of full real estate

As with any property that you purchase, you will receive the same amenities, lifestyle, privileges, and beauty as if you purchased the residence outright, but the cost is only a fraction. Fractional ownership is ideal for an investment, vacationers, locals who are seasonal, snowbirds, and travelers. The flexibility with the fractional ownership allows you to purchase only the time that you will spend at the residence, and as much time as you want.

How Does the Villa La Estancia Fractional Real Estate Schedule Work?

Villa La Estancia fractional real estate owners will be given the usage schedule once they have purchased the residence, then the usage schedule will rotate a year later, and so on. This will give buyers the ability to plan their visits to the residence in advance. Fractional real estate owners can use their schedule usage or exchange their date with another owner, but only if the other owner agrees. Owners can also exchange their schedule usage with other resorts using the Villa La Estancia Fractional Trade Program.

Cost Effective and Affordable

Fractional ownership is cost effective and affordable option for buyers who want to balance vacation time in their second home and secure their investment in property in Mexico. You will only pay for the time that you want to spend at the residence, which is cost effective, because you will not be paying for a second home that just sits empty when you are not using it. The residence is affordable and may be more luxurious than if you were to purchase a second home alone.

Real Estate with Rights

The Villa La Estancia fractional real estate provides you with regular rights and privileges that you would have with owning any other type of real estate. You have the ability to sell the residence at any price and time that you choose. You also can leave the residence to an heir, rent it out, and let your friends use it, or get your friends and family together and escape and enjoy the residence.

Fractional Real Estate is an Excellent Opportunity and Investment

The fractional real estate is an excellent opportunity and investment, so if the residence raises in value, then your shares raise. Fractional owners can at any time sell the residence, which will release you from the “brick and mortar” investment and capital growth with Villa La Estancia fractional real estate.

Rental Property

Villa La Estancia fractional real estate can be rented, and we can do this for you upon your request. Renting the residence when you are not going to be using it will generate extra income that you can use towards your maintenance fees or taxes, or you can use the money to purchase something nice for yourself. That is an added bonus to being a Villa La Estancia fractional real estate owner.

Villa La Estancia fractional real estate is available in the Riviera Nayarit on Mexico’s Pacific Coast and Cabo San Lucas in Mexico’s Baja California.