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Retirement and Downsizing to Luxury Condos

Downsizing to luxury condos can be a reality for the seventy year old baby boomers and post-war babies in full swing of retirement. Even though the babies from the post-war period are still quite a ways from needing sheltered or assisted accommodation in retirement villages, many baby boomers and post-war babies are ready to downsize from their long-time family home. Downsizing to luxury condos after retirement is a great option. If you are considering downsizing to a luxury condo, then there are some things that you should think about. Look below at the 4 top things to consider before downsizing to a luxury condo.

  1. Luxury Retirement Communities
  2. There are many luxury condos that naturally become beautiful retirement communities as the population ages. If this is the kind of lifestyle you seek then these kinds of communities are the right choice for you. However, some retirees want a mix, which is why it is important for people to have the right type of luxury condo community to meet their needs and preferences.

  3. Vulnerabilities and Convenience Knowledge
  4. Retirees and older people know they need to meet their vulnerability needs while also appreciating convenience upon retirement. This is the time when retirees and older people are beginning to face their vulnerabilities and the importance of convenience such as a ground level condo that has an amazing view or a luxury condo that is in a high-rise with an elevator.

  5. Luxury Amenities is a Must
  6. Luxury amenities is a must for 55+ and retires. This could be a pool, parking underground, services from concierge, shopping that is easy to get to, and cafes and restaurants that can capture the attention of baby boomers and retirees in today’s competitive market for luxury condos.

  7. Location is Key
  8. Location is key for any older people buying a condo. The location should always be thought about before the purchase, even all expert professionals can’t stress this enough. When you are looking at a condo to purchase, then look over the location very carefully. Retirees want to have easy access to leisurely activities, community facilities, and shopping now that they are retired.

    You also want to make sure that the money that you are investing in the condo will secure your investment. Does the condo complex have a pool, gym, or any other added spaces? A smaller condo has many advantages and offer these type of amenities, but any condo that offers the extras come with a higher price, so think about if these added features are worth the extra money for the condo?

    Purchasing a luxury condo after retirement is a big decision. Here are more questions that you should consider:

  • Are there maintenance fees with the condo and how are the fees be expected to be paid?
  • Are non-slip surfaces supplied in the condos? If so, where are they located?
  • Can walkers be easily used at the condo?
  • Are the cupboards easy to get into?
  • What type of lighting is supplied?
  • Is the bathroom designed for older people and can older people get into the tub or shower easily?
  • Can a wheelchair be used in the bathroom?
  • Does the condo come with modern technology features such as remote control drape opening and closing, remote control lighting, and full-time security?
  • Does the condo community have a dining room and an activity room? If so, can these rooms be rented?
  • Do you provide enough storage?
  • Are pets allowed at the condo and are there certain rules for pets?
  • Is there any way I can see the design and developers other properties? Am I able to talk to any of the residents that live in the condo community?
  • If I have to use a wheelchair later in life will I have access to all the luxury ameneties.
Young Families in Riviera Nayarit

Young Families in Riviera Nayarit

Are you planning to find a better place to raise up a young family? Consider Riviera Nayarit in Mexico. This place could be the place you are looking for. Here are the reasons why:

Perfect climate for Young Families

Long gone are the days when kids mostly stay home glued to the screens of the televisions or gadgets. In Riviera Nayarit, you get a place that discourages staying in bed the whole day. Instead, kids will love to stay outdoors and explore their surroundings with the perfect climate in this Pacific Coast area of Mexico. There is plenty of sunshine for the whole year which is ideal for kids, not only for fun, but for flexing some muscles which is an integral part of their growing up years. From November to April, hardly a drop of rain will be seen, while the summer months can have heavy downpours but only for some short hours. This will not cut off the pleasure that your kids will get. Who says singing, dancing, and playing in the rain is boring?

Healthy environment

Lush and fresh environment surrounds you home in Riviera Nayarit that is perfect for young families. There is a rolling mountain range, the Sierra Madre, which is a good place to do some hiking, biking, zip lining, camping, and even horseback riding. The coastal areas are ideal for swimming, surfing, castle building, and playing. There are stretches of sandy beaches and coves waiting to be explored. How about a river where kids will enjoy swimming, wading, or observing aquatic animals? These natural scenarios around your child are fresh with lesser pollution compared to other urban regions. Your afternoons and weekends will be full of excitement as you discover more of the natural beauty around you and your young family.

Activities in Riviera Nayarit

Worried that your child will get bored or will have nothing to do than riot all over the house? In Riviera Nayarit, clubs and activities are waiting for your child to participate in. If your child is interested in sports, there’s a local stadium where your children can join a team and compete while representing your locality. Other kids love to be part of performances. The salsa or flamenco dance classes will help boost the artistry in your child. Adventurous youngsters will have their adrenaline rushes as they join the surfing or paddle-boarding activities. If your child is more indoor-oriented, there are cafes and play areas with air conditioning units conducive for doing the usual hobbies that your kids love.

Childcare for Young Families

Mexico offers affordable part-time or full-time childcare services. Your nanny will be friendly and reliable as that is what Mexican people are known for. There are bilingual private schools within your reach with several options for pricing and location. You can avail of these services for your pre-school aged children, if you are working, or need some leisure time for yourself. The right nanny for your child is just around the corner.

Traditional Values

Embracing different cultures is an extra achievement for your child. Mexico’s diverse customs and traditions will provide that experience to widen your child’s perspective. They can also learn a second language through socializing with their playmates, classmates, and teachers. The vast array of food choices will also broaden their taste buds.

Riviera Nayarit is a great choice for young families looking to relocate to Mexico.

Alternatives to Full Ownership in Mexico

What are the Alternatives to Full Ownership in Mexico

For those who are interested in alternatives to full ownership real estate, who only want to invest in the amount of time they actually will be vacationing rather than full ownership, there are alternatives that involve purchasing just a portion or fraction of the property in weeks’ or months of the year. This can involve receiving actual titles or deed, or it can be a right-to-use, commonly 25 to 30 years.

Timeshare / Vacation Ownership

Timeshare ownership includes right-to-use properties or a more flexible points-based program. Owners purchase a condo or villa for one or more weeks use within a fixed or “floating time” system, which allows scheduling each year’s vacation during the most convenient week within a specified season. With timeshare, consumers have the opportunity to purchase time at resorts offering a wide range of amenities at different destinations. While most vacation ownership villas have two bedrooms and two baths, floor plans range from studios to three or more bedrooms. Ownership is usually a one-time purchase, which often is developer financed, owners then pay an annual maintenance fee based on the unit size, location and amenities.

Fractional Ownership / Private Residence Clubs

A step above timeshare is fractional ownership, which usually comes with fully deeded titles to your fraction. Fractional ownership has the benefits of second-home ownership, but for a fraction of the cost and without all the responsibilities. Considering the average vacation-home buyer uses the property just three to four weeks a year, fractional ownership tends to be more in line with the actual use of the vacation home. Additionally, fractional properties are generally affiliated with high-end hotel companies or high-end boutique operators, so owners have the benefits of personalized services and amenities. In addition to the purchase price, there also are annual maintenance fees to consider.

Destination Vacation Clubs

Members of a destination club are not buying a specific property, but rather the right to use any of a portfolio of homes owned or operated by the club company. With few exceptions, they offer a non-equity-based membership emphasizing a broad selection of vacation-home experiences. Most destination clubs also offer members concierge services. The average length of stay at destination clubs ranges from one to nine weeks, and costs include a one-time fee, although the club may also charge a nightly fee while guests are in residence.

Condo Resorts and Hotels

Condo hotels and resorts offer a portion of their hotel room inventory for sale to the public. The owner may use it for vacation or corporate housing needs or place it in a rental program, typically managed by the hotel. Owners then receive proceeds from the rentals. Buyers enjoy the benefits of owning real estate in a desirable location coupled with hotel amenities and services. Annual dues also apply. Condo hotel pricing varies by real estate market trends.