Try and Buy property program

Try and Buy Property Programs in Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit

If it is your dream to own real estate in Riviera Nayarit or Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, you might wish to take part in one of the various try and buy property programs offered by Mexico’s real estate industry. Try and buy property programs can aid you in making that crucial decision as you can make a personal inspection of the properties you are considering to buy at subsidized prices.

Villa La Estancia’s Try and Buy Real Estate Program in Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit

Villa La Estancia Residences in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico has its own great value try and buy program called the Real Estate Discovery Program, where prospective buyers can stay in any of its grand residences to get a feel of what life at the resort is really like. There’s no commitment to buy, just the pleasure of enjoying the residences first hand. With its state of the art facilities, a stunning background and amenities that spell luxury, there’s no doubt that this property is one of a kind.

Who is Suited for the Try and Buy Program at Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit?

Anyone with a genuine interest in purchasing a property at Villa La Estancia either for fractional and full time ownership is welcome to apply for this Try and Buy Property Program. There are a number of qualifying factors such as age and yearly income, as you will see in the list below: “Rules for eligibility”

What the Try and Buy Scheme Includes:

The Try and Buy scheme offers 4 nights accommodation at Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit. You can get discounted rates with the price varying according to the season and the availability of the proper. First come, first serve policy is observed. Choose between a two or three bedroom villa, or an oceanfront villa that offers a great view of the majestic Pacific Ocean.

Rules for Eligibility

  • A participants must be 30 years of age or older
  • Fully employed or retired with a minimum household income of US $100,000 annually.
  • Does not include the cost of transportation
  • A presentation and tour of the property must be attended by the participant (failure to attend the discovery presentation would mean a charge to your credit card amounting to US $250 per night during your stay).
  • Participant must fill out all sections of the request form.
  • Reservations accepted only 45 days prior to arrival.
  • Advance payment by credit card to reserve the Try and Buy package.
Puerto Vallarta is one of the Best Places to Retire in the World

Why Puerto Vallarta is one of the Best Places to Retire in the World

It’s official that Puerto Vallarta has been recognized as one of the best places to retire in the world! This announcement comes on the back of a press release issued by the prestigious Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust (Fideicomiso De Turismo de Puerto Vallarta) as attested by the studies made by the Annual Retirement Abroad Index. It was broadcasted by the website Live and Invest Overseas, confirming the Puerto Vallarta comes second only to the Algarve in Portugal for the best places to retire in the world.

The Telling factors that Affect Retirement Choices

There are many factors to be considered in finding out the best places for retirement abroad. One crucial basis is the general quality of life where living under the $2,000 a month is possible for couples in the top seven standing of great places to retire. Other factors include infrastructure, safety, climate, taxes and hospital services.

Mexico Can Top for Best Places to Retire in the World

Mexico is credited with not just one place recommended for retirees. Aside from Puerto Vallarta, Live and Invest Overseas website also included places such as Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende among the best places to retire in the world. Some countries who also hold a formidable spot in the famed list are Argentina, Spain, Nicaragua, Colombia and Belize.

The Reasons why Puerto Vallarta has been named as one of the Best Places to Retire in the world?


Safety is the primary consideration why Puerto Vallarta is among the best places to retire. It was given a Grade A classification, mentioning police officers in the area are known to speak at least two languages including the international language of English.

Cost of Living

Cost of living is great as well, with a monthly average cost of $1,700 to $2,000 for a retired couple.

Great Real Estate

A range of excellent real estate opportunities at affordable prices. The destination also holds its equity value.

Suitable Climate

Most people looking for the best places to retire in the world are seeking somewhere to escape the harsh winters. Puerto Vallarta’s sunny weather year round is a pull for many retirees.

Great Tourist Infrastructure

Puerto Vallarta has a lot to offer visitors, including cleanliness, entertainment, good public transport and cheap taxis. Private healthcare is of a high quality and affordable.


Being close to an airport was also given much weight in the selection of the best places to retire in the world. Puerto Vallarta’s airport is very convenient, locate on the outskirts of the city and less than a 30 minute drive to any of the major hotspots.

Old Town Market

Seasonal Markets at Puerto Vallarta

Having a vacation in Puerto Vallarta is not just about enjoying its fabulous beaches and sceneries. It’s a great place to shop too. Seasonal markets are held every winter through spring; where you can find a wide array of items. Whether it’s a gift for someone special during the holidays, birthday or an item you want for yourself, the seasonal market in the coastal towns along Banderas Bay is a place where you can find it.

Marina Nuevo Vallarta

You can learn to dance or engaged yourself in some yoga displays in this seasonal market. It’s open from 9am- 2pm every Saturday and features an array of foods, crafts, glassware, clothing and jewelry. Shop and sway to rock and roll music as Marina Nuevo Vallarta offers live entertainment in its vicinity.

Old Town Farmer’s Market

The best place to find farm fresh products like vegetables, fruits and other native specialties like handicrafts, jewelry, clothing, arts and foods in Puerto Vallarta. This seasonal market is held from 9:30 am- 2pm every Saturday and lasts until April 25. What is so special of this market is that all products are dutifully made, baked, grown and sold by vendors who are locals from Puerto Vallarta. They must live nearby around 50 miles within the area of Puerto Vallarta. You can jive with the sound of live music as you do your shopping spree.

Marina Vallarta’s Market

It is best recommended to go here before the sunset, as you can go strolling along the promenade of Marina. Eateries abound where you can have a taste of real Mexican cuisine. This seasonal market offers a unique kind of shopping experience because of its operating hours, which is 6-10 pm every Thursday. You can also go to its neighborhood and meet the locals or better yet, try visiting some stores located within the vicinity. Products of different kinds can be bought here like handcrafted soaps, breads, home furnishings and accents. It runs from October to May and is located on the spacious boardwalk at Marina Vallarta.

Forever Spring Farmer’s Market – Bucerias

Delicious region made items are the hits of this market, which is held from 9am- 1pm every Wednesday. El Tuito cheeses, vegetable products, Madre Tierra’s organic produce, smoked meats, jams, sauces and even gluten free artisanal baked goods can be found here. Forever Spring Farmer’s Market is strategically located within Bucerias; it fills the needs of tourists and vacationers who visit the place.

Mercado Huanacaxtle

At La Cruz Marina is where you can find this seasonal market, which is held every Sunday. Handmade crafts are available here like clothing, dishes, soap, jewelry and even organic foodstuffs. Be amazed at the sight of almost 170 vendors who crowd the place in search of shoppers and vacationers.

Mercado del Pueblo in Sayulita

Live music can keep you company as you go around Mercado del Pueblo’s market. Natural and organic products are sold by almost 80 vendors and its abundant supply of vegetables and fruits will make any vegan eater happy. There are also meat products, coffee, flowers, baked goods and salads. This seasonal market takes place every Friday from 10am- 2pm until May.