Puerto Vallarta Boardwalk

The Picturesque Malecon in Puerto Vallarta

The famous Malecon is Puerto Vallarta’s center of attraction. This one mile long boardwalk is a highly visited area, where one can have a stunning perspective of the sapphire waters of the Pacific Ocean. A place to have a good souvenir shopping excursion or delicious dining experience as shops, bars and restaurants flourish on the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. A favorite place for visitors and tourists who can’t stop appreciating the panoramic setting along the Banderas Bay.

Sunsets on the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta

The charming Pacific sunsets never fail to ignite the fire of romantic souls. It goes well with a shot of champagne while you witness the sun disappearing slowly in the wide arms of the ocean. A must visit for anyone who loves sumptuous dishes and has a knack for nightlife fun. The restaurants, bars and nightclubs will satisfy you to your heart’s contentment.

With Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon having undergone some renovations, your walk in its stretch will be a captivating one. Different ornamental and tropical plants spruced up your walkway. Even the ground has stone works embedded in it and represent the Huichol symbols. This is to give honor to the native peoples who once dominated the land with their rich traditions and impressive art works. Figures that represent nature and images of animals can be seen under your feet. You’ll be amazed of such artistic craftsmanship and makes the Malecon such a picturesque sight.

The culture of the places of Jalisco and Nayarit has influenced the impressive sculptures that lined up the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta. They are products of the creative minds of homebred Mexican artists that drew inspirations from this places’ historic heritage. If you extend your walk towards Old Town, an ultra modern pier can be located. It offers boat rides to some of the less explored beaches of Puerto Vallarta.

If you’re looking for some place of entertainment, then an outdoor amphitheater can be found near the main plaza. Daily shows are held to the delight of the many visitors of the Malecon. Socializing with people from different sectors of the society is ideal. It has become a meeting place of artists, show performers, merchants and fans like you.

Golf in and Around Nuevo Vallarta

Golf in and Around Nuevo Vallarta

If you plan to go in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta, don’t miss out the opportunity of playing some rounds of golf. These two tropical destinations on Banderas Bay, Mexico are famous for their world class golf courses. The various golf courses are strategically located starting from Marina Vallarta down to Riviera Nayarit and Punta Mita. They offer a unique golfing experience with stunning vistas and well designed fairways that offer a challenge for any budding golfer. If you ever visit these courses, you’ll be a fan of the game, watching the golfer’s different style of play. Moreover, you can be transformed from being a fan to a curious golf student.

Where to play golf in and around Nuevo Vallarta

The very first golf course built in the region is located north of Nuevo Vallarta: the Flamingos Golf. One can play at its 72 hole championship course. Its fairways are narrow with a gently sloping terrain. It has 9 water hazards, 43 bunkers and a cool wind; all are threats to every talented golfer. One can easily access the place because the course’s management offers transportation going to and from the hotels. Flamingos golf is one terrific place to know about golf and learn its basics.

Another golf landmark in the region is Vista Vallarta. Composed of a two course complex and is situated where one can see the beauty of Banderas Bay. One of the more challenging courses in and around Nuevo Vallarta is the Nicklaus course. It’s 7,057 yards long with a par 72 course. It was the site of the 2002 PGA World Cup Tournament, where golfers from around the world strutted their skills. The beauty that surrounds the course is simply marvelous. It’s breathtaking to see the Sierra Madre Mountain Range on one side and the scenic Banderas Bay on the other side. You will feel like more of a tourist than an athlete, with the chance of enjoying the great sights around. Since it’s situated on the highest area, it provides a spectacular view of the whole region.

Making it in the top 10 best golf courses in Mexico, according to Golf Digest’s Planet Golf Ranking is the Weiskopf course. It shares the same facilities with that of Nicklaus course. It’s different elevations and bunkers offer the best golfers a run for their money. The course is built within dense vegetation with crevices and ditches. Just like the Nicklaus course, it’s also considered a world class course, as it is frequented by the top players in the world. Experience what the pros have experienced just a short distance from Nuevo Vallarta.

If these golf courses aren’t enough, there are still other courses around. You can try El Tigre in Nuevo Vallarta, Punta Mita Golf Course at Punta Mita and Marina Golf in Marina Vallarta. They’ll all give you such wonderful, world class golf experience that you’ll remember forever.

Villa La Estancia Residences Riviera Nayarit

Tips for Buying Real Estate in Mexico as a Foreigner

Are you a foreigner from the United States, Canada or Europe thinking of buying real estate in Mexico? Then you have come to the right place to find the top tips for buying real estate in Mexico as a foreigner.

First off the bat, please note that buying a house in Mexico will not be the same experience as buying a house in the United States or Canada. This is because you are buying a house in a different country, and the procedures for gaining ownership of a property depend on which zone you plan to purchase the property. Just keep in mind that the buying experience will be different—not necessarily a bad or great alternative—just not one you are used to.

Get Familiar with the Mexican Bank Trust System

If you are going to be interested in owning real estate in Mexico, then you probably need to be familiar with the Mexican bank trust system (also known as the Mexican “fideicomiso”) and the definition of the “restricted zone,” which refers to the geographical zones covering 62 miles from the nation’s border and the space within 31 miles of the coastline.

What’s the story with the fideicomiso in Mexico?

Well, here’s a little history behind the zone restrictions for foreigners owning Mexican real estate. The Mexican Constitution of 1917 banned the acquisition of “fee simple” property title for foreigners in locations found within 62 miles of any Mexican border or 31 miles of the coastline. In the 1970s, Mexican businesses with foreign capital were allowed by the Foreign Investments Law to own property titles for buildings used for business affairs. However, there was still no provisions made for the ownership of non-commercial properties until 1994. It was during that time that national reforms revised the real estate restrictions and granted Mexican businesses with foreign capital access to owning “fee simple” titles to real estate found in the restricted zones.

Since the provision was given to Mexican businesses with foreign capital to hold commercial properties in 1994, the Mexican bank trust system has been revised and has now established a law that will allow foreigners (individuals and Mexican business entities with foreign investors) to buy and hold titles for real estate properties within the “restricted zone” for non-commercial (or residential) purposes. As long as the use of the property remains in accordance with the law’s allowances, the ownership is perfectly legal.

Is the fideicomiso safe?

Usage of a Mexican bank trust (or a Mexican fideicomiso) gives people who are not native Mexicans the permission to purchase real estate in the “restricted zone” if the buyer lets the real estate property be held in a Mexican bank trust. This establishes the bank as a Trustee or Fiduciary of the property, which means the Mexican bank is the actual property title holder and not the foreign entity. Making the Mexican bank the fiduciario (or trustee) upholds the provisions made in the Mexican Constitution.

The agreement provided by the bank identifies the bank as title holder, but it also allows you to act as the beneficiary of the property. This means you have permission to enjoy the property as you see fit—meaning you can rent, renovate, or sell the property if you desire. So, whoever actually buys the property will have rights of the beneficiary in the trust agreement. The Mexican Bank gets a fee for the trust contract and gets paid a trust maintenance fee annually by you. The trustee does not have provisions in either the trust agreement or Mexican law to give beneficiary rights to someone else or transfer its role as trustee to someone else without your written permission.

So, you can see, that buying real estate in Mexico as a foreigner is not quite a scary as you might think!

baby boomers retiring in mexico

The Truth about Retiring in Mexico

Every since the emergence of the baby boomer, choosing a foreign land in which to retire has become a commonplace practice for those living in Europe, the United States, and Canada. So what makes Mexico a popular foreign spot for North American retirees?

Retiring in Mexico

For starters, retiring in Mexico has a lot of advantages that most countries don’t have when it comes to retirement. So it doesn’t matter which age you plan on retiring; Mexico is sure to have a benefit that will suit your life perfectly. Let’s examine some of the benefits that really make Mexico a hot spot for living out the retiree years of one’s life.

Great Private Medical Care

Mexico has some of the best private medical care available for retirees and tourists who come to Mexico looking for great health care and excellent cosmetic surgery. Some people may have existing health coverage that covers international health care, but others can get private health care plans right here in Mexico at a very competitive price. Even if you find yourself or a loved one needing extra help in order to stay at home, Mexico also provides affordable home care services to meet your needs and prevent you from choosing nursing home care. Your health is possibly your number one concern when retiring in Mexico.

Warm Weather

The climate is one of the biggest appeals of Mexico when it comes to the perfect vacation and retiring in a foreign country. So if a retiree enjoys the tropical life and desires to get away from cold weather, this is the place to be. Many people choose coastal locations like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas for their retirement spot, but there are some who prefer the spring type weather of the inland territories over the summer-like weather on the coast like San Miguel de Allende or Ajijic on Lake Chapala. You will be amazed at how vibrant you will feel from living all year long in a warm environment. There is nothing quite like retiring in Mexico.

Retiring in Mexico is More Affordable

You will really get a chance to see how far your money can go when you spend your retirement in Mexico. You will soon find that a lot of the finer things in life are easily affordable in Mexico, and the cost will not deplete your wallet. That means you can find a spectacular home and upgrade it with extras like jacuzzis and housekeeping service if you desire. Because of the remarkable prices for Mexican real estate, retirees may find it a lot easier to maintain ownership of their property in their homeland while owning another home in Mexico.

Make the Most of Life by Retiring in Mexico

A lot of retirees are very comfortable living in Mexico and find it more tolerable to live there than in the US or Canada. This is because the reception of them by the Mexican people is very positive and uplifting. Mexico is well-known for being a very hospitable country, and you are sure to feel the love once you secure a residence inland—especially in one of the hot tourist spots. Retirement is supposed to be a period in your life where you can take a chance to live life to the fullest without the boring responsibilities of your working past. Mexico’s hospitality will allow you to do just that.

Top Choices for Luxury Beach Real Estate

Top Choices for Luxury Beach Real Estate

Mexico remains as the top choice when it comes to owning luxury beach real estate. Here are the reasons why.

  1. Get more for the Exchange Rate
  2. Mexico’s exchange rate makes it affordable for dollar earners to own a luxury beach real estate in Mexico. A dollar converted to Mexican peso brings a lot more purchasing power that lowers the cost of every property compared to buying the same property in a country where the dollar originated.

  3. Building Costs and Materials are Cheaper in General
  4. This is related to the exchange rate as previously stated. The cost of real property becomes affordable as the dollar continues to strengthen against the Mexican peso. That is why many Americans and Canadians make luxury beach real estate investments in Mexico, as they get higher value for their money.

  5. Mexican Hospitality
  6. Mexico’s hospitable and warm people always touch the heart of any visitors. You’ll feel like you never left home. Everyone is very accommodating and will make your life in Mexico pleasant and easy wherever you go.

  7. Expats to Make you feel at home
  8. When you purchase luxury beach real estate in Mexico, you will become part of a large expat community, receiving a warm welcome by fellow investors. Get togethers and events are often common in the popular expat destinations like Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Riviera Maya, Chapala Lake and San Miguel de Allende. Things like dance lessons, book clubs, art classes and music groups are common. There’ll never be a dull moment, once you set your foot in Mexico.

  9. Great Climate and Sunshine Guaranteed
  10. Sun-filled days will always complement the turquoise blue waters of Mexico’s beaches. The Pacific Coastline, Baja California, the Sea of Cortez, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico are places for potential luxury beach real estate.

  11. Multiple Option for Luxury Beach Real Estate
  12. You can choose what type of house and setting you like for your luxury beach real estate property. From mansions to condos and apartments, you can find it all here. If you like the colonial style with a traditional Mexican house or the modern era with a sophisticated condo unit by the seaside, Mexico can provide. The choice is yours and elegance is the common thing you’ll get.

  13. Accessibility
  14. Considering that Mexico has great tourist destinations, flights are always available, getting to and from this country. Popular places like Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Cancun never fail to attract different people of all nations. The availability of flights make it easy for everyone to access almost all places within Mexico.

Just think about it! Decide and buy a luxury beach real estate in Mexico and you’ll never regret it.

Real Estate in Riviera Nayarit

Great Real Estate in Mexico: Riviera Nayarit

People who love the allure of the sun can enjoy an everlasting experience if they choose to permanently reside in Mexico. The real estate in Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit offers some of the hottest property in town to own, even for the most knowledgeable investors. With its lush and luxurious properties which you can own in full or in part; settling in Riviera Nayarit is a dream that can come true for most people in the United States and Canada with the vision.

Riviera Nayarit Real Estate in Mexico

Riviera Nayarit refers to the long stretch of coastal lands that runs north from Puerto Vallarta’s airport on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, in Bandera’s Bay to Nuevo Vallarta and Punta Mita. It even includes the surf towns of Sayulita and San Pacho. Riviera Nayarit’s stylish real estate properties have long been on the list of of watchful investors who value elegance and admire life under the sun.

Riviera Nayarit’s sunny days are part of its allure – more than 300 sunny days according to statistics, although in practice it seems like every day is a sunny day in Riviera Nayarit. Perfect for beach lovers, the beaches provide real comfort because of their soft and yellow sand that even turtles find suitable to lay their eggs on. Swimming is fun and safe on the beaches in Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit, and there are designated areas to enjoy the blue waters. If you love eating and shopping, top restaurants and stores fill the area and are strategically located in an open and clean environments. If you are looking for a great vacation or a second home, Riviera Nayarit offers some of the best real estate in Mexico and is the perfect place to experience your dream home.

Villa La Estancia Residences stand at the forefront of Riviera Nayarit’s luxury real estate in Mexico. For a reasonable price that starts from $165,000.00, one can experience all the splendor on the beach that a 4 Diamond – 5 star hotel offers. Villa La Estancia residences offer owners access to world class facilities and amenities that can make your stay a truly unforgettable one. Owning a place is not a far fetched dream as it gives you the option of buying a full or a fraction of it.

Owning has never been this easy and having a place of your own in Mexico doesn’t need to be a dream anymore. If life’s enjoyment after retirement is what you’re after, purchasing a property at Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit is your ticket to retirement bliss.

Dream Home in Mexico

All it Takes to Find a Dream Home in Mexico

There are so many people that dream of purchasing a home in Mexico, but many people don’t know how to start that process. One good thing is that Mexico offers plenty of home options that include affordable prices, luxurious homes, and there is a home to meet your budget and preferences. The hard part of finding your dream home in Mexico is searching for that home. One way is searching for a broker who will listen to your wishes and demands. We have come up with some easy steps to assist you in finding your dream home in beautiful Mexico.

All it takes to find a dream home in Mexico

Dream Home in Mexico
The Perfect Location

When searching for your dream home in Mexico you should know what type of home you would like to have, and what type of weather you would like the home to be in. Mexico is great, because you can find a the type of weather you want as Mexico has spring and summer weather conditions, but one bonus is there is no freezing temperatures. There are so many beach locations in Mexico; Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun provide beach locations, but if you would like an older city for your home, then Lake Chapala, Guanajuato, San Miguel, and Ajijic are perfect Mexico locations for a dream home.

When you are considering where you want to have your dream home in Mexico, then you should also like to think about the things you enjoy doing. Do you love the finest cuisine and enjoy eating out? Maybe you love playing golf or fishing? Do you enjoy spending spare time salsa dancing, or writing? Maybe you just like to visit Farmer’s Markets and flea markets? These are things to consider, because it is your lifestyle that you want to meet.

The perfect places in Mexico for those who enjoy the best in life such as gourmet dining, golfing, art, Farmer’s Market, and living life to its fullest can be found in Nuevo Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, and Riviera Nayarit.

Search For a Professional Realtor

You should find a professional realtor who is a member of the AMPI (Asociación de Profesionales Inmobiliarios, A.C.), and that realtor should have the references checked out. A professional realtor will be registered with the AMPI, and will know everything there is about Mexico properties. The realtor will be able to show you all types of properties, even properties that are being built. The realtor will take you through the closing process without any problem, then assist you on finding a doctor, and the perfect school for your children.

Purchase a Try and Buy Visit

To get the realistic life experience in Mexico, then purchase a try and buy visit. The try and buy visit purchase will allow you to have a trial of a home in Mexico. A few of the developers encourage the try and buy visit, because it lets you see how the home will be. If you don’t do the try and buy visit, then you should always check out the neighborhoods where the home is located at, so you can see firsthand what is occurring. It is advised to try a few months in a home before you actually purchase it.

Check Newspapers

You should check newspapers daily for homes for sale in Mexico. You can subscribe to Mexico newspapers, because realtors will add new properties. You can check the realtor’s website too as they update new listings daily.

If You Love the Home, then Purchase It

Always listen to your heart. If you love the home in Mexico, then purchase it. You should always listen to yourself and your hunches. If any doubts are in your mind, then simply ask questions. Don’t worry about the small things. When you see your dream home in Mexico, then you will know it.

Fun Beaches in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta

Fun Beaches in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta

If your idea of a perfect fun vacation is on the beach, then Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta are the places for you in Mexico. Gifted with nature’s exotic beauty, the sights will captivate any beach lover’s heart. Deep blue waters, soft sands and a life under the waves are just some of the fantastic things these beaches in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta have. The various activities that you can enjoy are endless and the experiences are timeless. Whether you are alone or with your family, it all boils down to one thing… FUN. Here are some of the best fun beaches in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta that will surely bring you lots of pleasure.


Nuevo Vallarta Beach

Regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. Its shallow waves make it ideal for beach surfing, kayaking and paddle boarding. It is a long and wide beach; it can accommodate hundreds at any given time, although you will generally find that it seems to be a quiet beach because of its size. It also has some of the finest hotels and luxury real estate properties, which will give your family a nice place to stay at affordable prices.

Playa Bucerias

A great laid back beach, Bucerias Beach is quiet and has a tranquil atmosphere. A place where you can meet local people, interact, and have a great time mingling and talking with them. There are restaurants and some bars too where you could enjoy local cuisine. The waves here are generally pretty calm and children would love swimming and playing sand games by the seashores. Its shallow and quiet waters would make snorkeling fun too.

Destiladeras Beach

Not so far for those staying in Nuevo Vallarta, Destiladeras beach is worth visiting. It is great for swimming, boogie boarding and surfing. It has some casual restaurants where family eating can be done. It has a big car park and a very spacious beach front where you can set up a camping tent and enjoy the cool breeze of air.


Camarones Beach

This Puerto Vallarta beach is a long stretch of yellow sand where you can rent or buy beach umbrellas and lay down on its sand as you marvel at its panoramic views. Quite a busy area near the start of the famed boardwalk as it is frequently visited by locals and condo residents. A wide variety of items can be bought here as sellers ply their goods to visitors. Beach garments, slippers, towels are available here at reasonable prices. Tropical fruits, native delicacies, and other delicious snacks will satisfy your taste buds. You will never go hungry and will have a really fun time with just a few bucks to spend.

Los Muertos Beach

Sitting in Old Town on the southern side of Puerto Vallarta is Los Muertos Beach. An active way of life is what this beach gives. It is always full of people, with loud music and vendors selling all kinds of stuff, from marine products to attractive souvenir items. A lot of restaurants and beach clubs where you can enjoy a shot of your favorite tequila or mezcal. Shops and stores that sell colorful beachwear are located in the area. It can also serve as a transit point as it has a new pier where you can take boat rides to some secluded beaches.


Punta Negra and Gemelas Beach

At these beaches you can find some nice and secluded places to give you and your family some needed privacy when the busy season comes. Theses beaches are quiet coves surrounded by condos and private villas that make for a great beach day out.

Boca de Tomatlan

Boca de Tomatlan is a picturesque fishing village located further south from where you can take water taxis to the more secluded beaches. The fun thing to do here is fishing, taking a boat in search of in tuna, marlin and other Pacific coast fishes. Your children will feel very excited throwing that bait and waiting for a catch and so are you. In every catch, you could make a hearty dinner out of it. Rent a boat, look for a nice spot and enjoy fishing under the hot sun. It sure is a perfect family bonding.